More People Are Getting Botox to Keep up at the Office

Getting Botox

People want to stand out as ambitious and unshakeable workers. They do this by wearing crisp power suits that make them feel like a million bucks the moment that they step into the boardroom. They do this by getting the latest smartphones and wireless headphones at luxury prices. And they do this by getting a round of Botox injections.

What is Botox?

First things first, Botox injections are neuromodulators — this means that they’re used to block chemical signals to the nerves. The substance stops the nerves from telling the muscles to contract. It can help with medical conditions like eye twitches, lazy eyes and bladder dysfunction because of this nerve-blocking capability. You can even get Botox injections for migraines.

Obviously, these medical solutions aren’t the most popular reasons for getting the treatment. The most famous use of the neuromodulator is to smooth out wrinkles.

When used for cosmetic purposes, Botox is injected into certain areas of the face to block nerve signals that make muscles contract. When the muscles in your face relax, you get fewer dynamic wrinkles like the dents between your brows, crow’s feet by your eyes and frown lines at the sides of your mouth. This is how Botox can take years off your appearance — it erases one of the most visible signs of ageing after a single appointment.

Combatting Ageism in the Workplace

It may seem strange that people are getting Botox injections for the sake of their careers, but it makes sense when you consider how many fields prize youth and appearance. Employees don’t want to be left out of work opportunities because of their age. They want to be admired for their skills and experience.

Counteracting the Consequences of the Grind

Hard work can take a toll on your face. Some people use a round of Botox injections to look fresh and rested so that their colleagues and clients don’t think they’re worn down. In some fields, a face can act as a business card. If you look rough around the edges, people aren’t going to be as eager to deal with you.

Getting a Major Confidence Boost

Workers — especially male workers — admit to getting Botox injections for the confidence boost it gives them whenever they’re in the office. Landing a bigger role, asking for a raise or nabbing an important client feels completely within reach after the procedure.

Improved Mental Health

As a bonus, Botox can also improve your mental health by reducing the severity of symptoms of depression. It tricks your facial feedback. By targeting the nerves that allow you to frown, the brain doesn’t receive as many signals that you’re sad. The method could be beneficial for people who worry that their mental health impacts their career.

Some people prefer a bright red tie or a tailored suit to give them a little something extra when they walk through the room. Others use a cosmetic treatment for the same reasons. Everyone has their methods to stand out from their colleagues and stay relevant in a competitive field.