Make some Crazy Hairstyles in 5 Minutes


Youíve probably seen some celebrities styling uniquely crazy but interesting hairstyles and wondered how they pulled it off. Known as a curl sponge in the street, the nascent hair product is the secret behind your favorite celebrityís gorgeous hair looks.

While people with soft hair can use a curl sponge to get the unique hairstyles, the product is most common with black celebrities. NFL fans may have seen New York Giant’s Odell Beckham style it. NBA fans have probably spotted JR Smith and DeAndre with curly hair. Singer Omarion and rapper Quan have also used a curl sponge at some point.

But as weíve already mentioned, curl sponges are for everyone. Give your kid a unique look for their schoolís crazy hair day. Rock a gothic look for Halloween or join celebrities with their unique curls. It only takes 5 minutes and the products involved cost less than $20.

Short Curly Style

Get a haircut but leave your hair one inch long. Apply your favorite hair oil and curl it using your hands. Comb your hair using a curl sponge directly from one end to the other. Accentuate the edges to get a uniform, naturally-looking curly hair. Your hair will appear combed and good looking. But at the same time, it will have curls that should make you stand out in any group.

Heatless Waves

Popular hair stylist Charmie Jane stunned her Instagram followers in 2016 with a crazy but gorgeous hair look. What was crazy, the beauty blogger achieved her looks using kitchen sponges alone. Yes, thatís right. Your regular kitchen sponge is a legit beauty.

According to Jane, you achieve the hair look by rolling a clean sponge across pony-like strands of hair. Tie the individual ponies with a sponge holding each pony. Sleep and release the new curls the following morning.

Razor Patterned Funky Twists

You can curl your hair into pointed curls using your free hands. But thatís only if you have long hair and the skills to do it right. Again, you risk the chance of achieving inconsistent curls by using free hands.

A good hair twist sponge is the best tool for achieving great, uniformly patterned funky twists. Find reviews of the best curl sponges for funky twists here. The sponge works like a brush so that you move it across your hair while achieving the curls instantly.

Hair relaxers are not necessary to achieve a uniform look. The sponge alone is enough. Additionally, the curl sponge type is reusable in spite of costing less than $15.

The Rainbow Hair Look for Kids

For that one crazy hair day, give your little girl a rainbow themed hairstyle. It requires a little bit of preparation and investment in dyes. But there are no skills needed to do it. The hairstyle is achieved by separating the hair into curls and dyeing each of them. The rainbow has seven colors but you don’t have to use all of them.

Choose your kidís three favorite colors. Separate the hair into ponies and dye each a specific color. Curl them together in a way that your girlís hair looks like a beautiful rainbow. For better looks, you can create a unicorn out of her hair. Better yet, twist part of her hair into a ponytail and a unicorn at the top.

Cupcake Style-best for Kids

Another crazy hair idea for your girls is to form pigtails out of her hair and insert cupcake papers around them. First, your girl’s hair must be long enough to be tied into two pigtails. Insert the cupcake papers and thread your girl’s hair so that it forms buns.

The cupcake style looks great on dyed hair. Most of the papers take a certain color also, making it important to match the colors. Notice that you can also style your hair in the same manner. But your pigtails should be thin enough to fit the cupcake papers.

Dyed Afro Curls

Color can make a difference in your hairstyle. A curly hairstyle may not even look unique. Dye your hair blonde and hairstyle stands out from everyone around you. To achieve dyed afro curls with geometric perfections, find a sponge that with dye effects. Like many prominent curls, the hairdo looks perfect if you have slightly longer hair.

What makes curl sponges that dye great is that they focus on the curls. A large portion of your hair retains the black hue. But itís contrasted, stunning dyed curls.

Short and Neat Mohawk Curls

The Mohawk hairstyle is achieved by shaving either side of your hair and leaving the middle part unshaved. If you love the style, add glam to it with short and neat curls. You only need a sponge curl and a short Mohawk. Scrub the sponge across your Mohawk back and forth, producing prominent curls.

V-Back Twist with Curls

The V-back hairdo is one of the most impeccable hairstyles a man can get. It looks good whether you have short or long hair. You can add a touch of style by dyeing a thick line across one side of your head. With the addition of curls, you get an out of this world style. And the good part is that it takes five minutes to achieve the looks.

Gray Spirals

Some men look great with gray hair. If you are young and have grey hairs, add style to your looks by making spiral curls with a sponge. It takes the right sponge to create spiral shaped curls. Don’t pick the first product you come across. If your hair is black, you can spray some gray hair dye and use the sponge to produce the glamorous spiral curls.

To Conclude

You don’t need a stylist to make crazy hairdos. Some creativity, hair dye, and a curl sponger are all you need to achieve those unique looks. Many sponge curls produce different types of curls. Learn how to use the sponge and you can style a unique hairdo every weekend. Most of the sponges cost $15 or less. There is no reason you shouldnít buy one