How To Use A Kabuki Brush For Stunning Results

Kabuki Brush

There is a tool that is ideal for applying makeup that is trending very strongly these days. The tool in question is a kabuki brush and is a great hack for makeup application. It was originally designed for the actors in traditional Japanese Kabuki theater but is now available for everybody. There are different types and a few different ways to use this brush.

The effects that it gives are extraordinary because of its features. Although it seems like it would be difficult to use, the opposite is actually true. Applying makeup that looks natural is much easier when you use a kabuki brush than with other specialized applicators. In this article, we will go over what you need to know so you can use a kabuki brush for incredible results.

What is a kabuki brush?

What separates a kabuki brush from its peers is the fact that it has a rounded tip and much softer bristles than others. Another distinct feature is the short handle. It is usually only an inch long. This allows you to be very precise with the tip of the brush and get an even application all over.

The softness of the bristles combined with the shape means it is very easy to spread powders and even liquid foundations. Then, the short handle brings it all together so you have a very natural-looking result when you apply makeup.

Its original purpose for the design was to be able to spread a lot of makeup quickly and evenly. Even though you wont need to worry about speed, the fact that it does a good job at applying a lot without it looking like it’s too much is a very good benefit.

There are various shapes in addition to the rounded tip. This means that you have some variety to be able to do various applications.

The rounded tip

The shape of the rounded tip is ideal for use as a foundation applicator. You can use it to evenly spread it all over your face but also onto other areas with ease. For instance, to make sure there is a seamless look between your face and other exposed areas, this brush excels at applying foundation beyond your face. Use it so also add foundation to your neck and chest for a more natural look.

Its ideal to have two of these rounded tip brushes for large areas. Use one for a liquid foundation and the other for your powders. You cant use the same brush for both as the liquid one will always be on your brush.

Angled brush

When you need to sculpt your face by accenting various features, the tool to use is the one with an angled tip. This will allow you to do contours that fade and accent the lines that you want to highlight.

Because the makeup goes on so easily, it is easier to use without it looking unnatural. The learning curve for contouring is much less than learning to use other brushes.