How to Get Flawless Eyelashes

Flawless Eyelashes

Everyone knows that the most important part of any makeup routine is a good base. No matter how much foundation you put on, it wonít smooth out the skin, and no amount of lipstick can cover dry, cracked lips. One part that we tend not to give enough attention to are our eyelashes, because it can often seem that there isnít much that we can do, and that no matter what they look like naturally, mascara will fix it all. But if you took the time to really care for your lashes and grow them out, youíd see how big of a difference it can make for your look.

Remove your makeup

At the end of each day, no matter how tired you are and how heavy your eyelids are, the makeup has to come off. If not, it will clog your pores and make you break out. In the case of your lashes, leftover mascara and eyeliner (and especially lash glue!) will prevent your lashes from regenerating and growing, not to mention causing them to fall out when you start rubbing your eyes because the makeup made them itchy. Itís important to pay attention to how you take your makeup off, because if you just go at it with the wrong kind of makeup remover and start forcefully rubbing your eyes, youíll do more harm than good. Find a good, oil-based makeup remover and a soft cotton pad, pour a little bit on and press the pad gently onto your lids. Donít rub and donít push too hard. The remover is doing its job of breaking down the makeup, and you just need to sit tight and let it work its magic. After about half a minute, remove the cotton pad gently wiping off the makeup, and if itís not all gone, repeat the process. Never try to grab your lashes with the cotton and tug on them, because you risk literally pulling them out.

Growing them out

Yes, genetics play a big role in the thickness and length of our hair, including our lashes. If thin, short lashes run in the family, or if your hair is quite brittle, chances are, your lashes will be too. But there are ways to care for them and make them strong and long. One thing you never want to do is have any kind of fake lashes added on top of your natural ones, because while it might look good for the time being, you will permanently damage your lashes and they will be even thinner after. Instead, just find a good eyelash growth serum and apply it on your lashes before you go to sleep every night, or however often is indicated on the box. This will help them regain their strength and grow longer. If youíre in a pickle and donít have any serum on-hand, a good, hypoallergenic oil will do the trick of protecting them and giving them their shine.

Find the perfect mascara and practice the routine

Sure, you might want different mascaras for different times of the day. If you have blond hair and blond eyelashes, then black mascara can look too strong and intimidating for an everyday look, and youíll want to pick something that leans more towards brown. Youíll also want to choose the right type of wand, depending on whether you want to give your lashes lift, thickness or length. Whatever you choose, you have to make sure that the products you are using are natural and safe for your eyes, because it is the most sensitive area of your face. On top of finding the right mascara, youíll want a good curler, and that doesnít necessarily mean one that curls your lashes the most. You want to make sure that both sides of the curler are padded with sponge, because if not, it could literally cut your eyelashes off, and never press too hard or tug on the curler while youíre holding your lashes. If you think your lashes donít look full enough, instead of going for another layer of mascara, put on a thin line of eyeliner at the very root and see how fuller they will look instantaneously.

Sometimes, just applying mascara can be all you need to look put together and ready to go out into the world. It will lift you up when you look tired and complete any look by accentuating your eyes. All you need to remember is to pay them back later by taking good care of them and letting them get a breather between two makeup sessions.