How to Do a Ponytail With Hair Extensions


Hair extensions can give you the long hair that you want without the work and frustration of growing it out. For many, hair extensions provide the volume they cannot attain naturally. You can get semi-permanent extensions that are sewn in or clip-in extensions that allow you to mix up your hairstyle each day. While it may seem complicated, you can use clip in hair extensions to take your ponytail from forgettable to show-stopping.

You will need three hair extensions to make your ponytail long and full. The first thing you need to do is brush your ponytail extension out, so they are smooth and tangle-free. Combing them out can be frustrating, especially with smaller extensions, but it is essential. If your hair extensions are not smooth when you place them, they will not lay flat or brush easily into your ponytail. They may also get tangled with your hair making it more challenging to take out.

You will also need to brush your hair out thoroughly, so it is smooth and tangle-free. If you start with tangles or messy hair, the ponytail will not look good or natural. You are going to need to comb your hair into sections, and that will be impossible if your hair is not combed out completely.

Once everything is combed out, gather most of your hair into a high bun leaving just a portion of the back down so that you can clip in your first hair extension. Once the extension is securely in place, you can separate another section of hair and let it fall over the extension while you put the rest back up in a high bun to keep it out of the way.

Clip-in the second extension making sure it is secure and then drop another section of hair, so only the top layer of the hair remains in the bun. You will then clip in the third extension. Each extension is separated by a layer of hair on the back of your head. How much hair you leave between each extension will depend on the thickness of your hair.

Once all three extensions are in place, you need to let down the rest of the hair you had in the bun. Then start in the middle of your head above your ears and gather the hair back to where you want the ponytail to be. Then gather up the bottom portion of the hair, bringing it up to the ponytail.

Finally, gather up the hair on the top of your head and bring it back to the ponytail. Before you secure it with an elastic band, make sure the extensions are folding into the ponytail properly, and the hair around your ponytail is smooth. You don’t want to pull it back too tightly as they may make the extensions come loose or be visible.

Once your hair is secured with a ponytail holder, you can loosen up the hair around the ponytail to give it a messy look. As you move the hair around to how you want it, use bobby pins and hair spray to keep it in place. You may need to reposition the hair or start over if you are not happy with how the extensions are blending in.

Once you are happy with the placement of the ponytail and hair around it, you can gently comb out the ponytail to make it look smooth and natural. Separating the hair extensions makes it appear more natural when your hair is down, so you may have to play with it a bit to make it look the way you want while in a ponytail.