How to create the most comfortable eyelash bed?7 easy steps!

Lash Extension Bed

The Eyelash bed is an element of the listmaker’s equipment that makes the work more comfortable and allows the client to take a comfortable position for the body. Its quality determines the procedure’s duration and the client’s mood. 

Girls spend 2-3 hours lying motionless. So the master should take care of their comfort. This will raise their mood and allow them to perform the procedure faster without breaking the technology, taking breaks to rest, or changing the body’s position.

Advantages of using couches for eyelash extensions

Folding chairs in the office or the master at home speaks of his high professionalism and solidity. Newcomers in the field believe that in the early stages can do without unique furniture and build-up eyelashes on the couch or bed. Experienced experts also advise not to save on equipment.

The advantages of using couches:

  • Mobility. The portable folding couch is indispensable for Eyelash Extensions at home. It can help even when visiting the client’s home;
  • Reduces fatigue and saves the powers of the lash maker. The device is carefully selected individually. A master does not need to bend over and curve back during the work to escalate the lashes. The movements are natural and do not cause discomfort;
  • Increases confidence. If the office has the specialized equipment, then in front of you is a professional who works in compliance with the requirements, strictly according to technology with quality materials;
  • Comfort. During a long working process, a comfortable position allows a person to relax, rest, and sleep after a hard day’s work.

Optimal sizes

For the furniture for extensions to deliver comfort to the master and his clients, it is necessary to determine the parameters. For reliability, give preference to a metal frame.

What is the optimal height for a folding recliner? It is believed that the product should be adjustable between 66-75 cm. In this case, it is conveniently folded and easily transported in the car.

If you choose by size, the most convenient is a couch 60×180 cm.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing

When buying, attention is paid to the design, mechanism, and other important nuances:

  • Coating. It should be pleasant to the touch and soft$
  • Orthopedic cushion. Allows the client to feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Choice of covering

One of the critical nuances in choosing a couch is an adequately preferred covering on which the client can feel comfortable and relaxed. It should be:

  • Tactilely pleasant;
  • Soft;
  • Durable;
  • Without problems to be treated with antiseptics.

Types of couches for eyelash extensions

Manufacturers are constantly expanding the assortment of couches, increasing their functionality. The equipment is divided into several types:

  • On the mechanical principle;
  • Folding mechanical daybeds;
  • Models with hydraulics.

What does the price depend on

The price depends on several parameters:

  • Type – folding, hydraulic or electric;
  • Optional equipment – equipped with a lamp, complete with a chair or soft pads affect the price;
  • Upholstery material – genuine leather, leatherette, fabric, or eco-leather;
  • Dimensions;
  • Producer country.

To make clients like to visit their lash maker, they should be attracted to every detail. So if you want to enjoy popularity, give women the comfort, surround them with ease for the next 2-3 hours, and they will be happy to wait for the next session.