How to choose eyelash lift kits? Tips from Stacy Lash

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The summer has come and you shut up the idea of your eyes wearing anything heavier than the unbearable lightness of being? Then we know a perfect go-to to comply with this “seasonal” objective – lash lift kits! Though the range of lash lift kits is insanely wide, choose wisely, and you will get the best tool to make your lashes all fluttering this summer. At you can find one of the best lash lift kits we know. We’re sure about it since, well, we created it. Using our lash lift kit as an example, we will discuss what distinguishes lash lift kits that are worth their money and praise.    

Eyelash lamination – what is it

Eyelash lamination includes eyelash nourishment, lifting and light curling. The procedure is one hundred percent safe and has a positive firming effect on the eyelashes. Very often eyelash lamination is confused with an eyelash lift procedure, but this is not the same thing.

Benefits of eyelash lamination
Eyelash lamination has almost all the benefits. The most important are:

eyelash lift and gentle curling,
spectacular view,
eyelash nutrition,
improving the condition of eyelashes,
convenience of carrying out the procedure in beauty salons,
attractive price – compared to other methods of adding volume to eyelashes.

How does the eyelash lamination procedure take place?

The eyelash lamination procedure has several stages:

The beautician cleans the face, degreases the eyelashes, applies a composition that protects the lower eyelashes from sticking to the upper ones, and the skin from the harmful effects of the drugs used for lamination.
Then the eyelashes are “rolled” on a silicone roller, which is attached to the upper eyelid.
Next, a nutrient is applied. It is he who strengthens the eyelashes and makes them darker and thicker.
After the nutritional composition has dried, dye is applied to the eyelashes, which gives them color.
Finally, the beautician applies keratin to the eyelashes. This is the final stage of the treatment, which lasts up to 1.5 hours.

What is included in the basis of eyelash lift kits

The basis of lash lift kits may be presented as a formula the desired result of which is provided by stability of the variables. It’s as follows:

  1. Solutions 3pcs (Fixing, Perming, Nourishing) + Cleansing Water + Lash Perm
  2. Glue + Silicone Lift Pads (in different sizes; e.g. the lift kit you will find on
  3. contains pads represented in 5 sizes) + Micro Brushes + Under
  4. Eye Patches + Lash Lifting Tool or Wand + Mascara wands. 
    An optimal quantity of combs, wands and brushes normally stands for 20 pcs. Another point to check on is instructions. A good product will contain clear and detailed guidelines on how to use it.

How to use the eyelash lift kit?

To put a long story short, the whole ritual of the eyelash lifting procedure may be narrowed down to the few following points:

  • cleansing the natural lashes from any residue remaining on them – dust, make-up, body oils;
  • attaching lift pads to the upper eyelids covering the under-eye area;
  • placing the lifted upper lashes onto lift pads;
  • applying and then removing all the solutions in the prescribed order and manner;
  • cleaning off all residue with cleansing water;
  • drying and brushing the lashes up until they’re all curled & stunning.

How many times can the course of treatment be repeated

In fact, when we like something and the effect wears off at the end of the week, we want to see ourselves with it again, but we must not rush. Since it is always better to entrust us with expert advice. Again, we note that everything will depend on the condition of the eyelashes themselves. After the procedure, you need to give your eyelashes a rest for a month, and then re-evaluate them. It is true that there are times when this is done more often, but it is always better to prevent it.

This procedure continues to gain momentum in its popularity. Its important distinguishing feature is nothing artificial, all work is aimed at improving the appearance and condition of the client’s own eyelashes. This is a fundamental point. After all, if no eyelashes stick, then there is no risk that they may fall off at the wrong time.

Lamination solves several problems at once – it makes the eyelashes thicker (after the first procedure by about 30%), due to which they look thicker; fixes the curl, which the master sets with the help of special curlers; visually lengthens the eyelashes, and, if necessary, gives the eyelashes a darker and more expressive shade.

One procedure allows you to get a result that will last for 1.5-2 months. Another advantage is that the lamination effect gradually decreases, and the condition of natural eyelashes returns to its original state. Laminating compounds do not require rinsing or some kind of removal. When the effect wears off, if desired, you can repeat the procedure, however, it is recommended to do this no earlier than a month and a half after the previous lamination.

Compositions for lamination include a set of amino acids and other beneficial substances and vitamins that are designed to protect the cilia, strengthen them, give them smoothness and shine.

What are the disadvantages of lamination? The procedure cannot be called budgetary, its cost is usually higher than the cost of eyelash extension. The lamination effect is not as drastic as with false eyelashes or extensions. If the procedure is performed on short eyelashes, the results will be subtle as the curl is formed by the natural length of the natural eyelashes.

 Salon or home eyelash lift?

The only question remaining unanswered is where to do the whole thing. Should you book yourself an appointment in a professional salon? Or maybe it is acceptable to do a home eyelash lift? Among our customers on this dilemma pops up as one of the most popular inquiries. 
Stacy Lash lash lift kits were designed for professional use, but the truth is, the percentage of our clients using the kits for DIY is pretty serious. Their experience showed that an eyelash lifting procedure done on your own totally can go your way, but only as long as you feel confident about it. This confidence mainly lies in a – previous experience in the process, b – full command of precautionary measures, c – knowing the application technique like the back of your hand. Otherwise, if you do not feel 100% about your skills in this field, it’s better to find somebody who has already  conquered this summit and thus can help you out!