How Long Will Hair Transplant Last?

“How long will a hair transplant last?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by patients who would like to have a hair transplant. And of course, it is an important question. If you would like to have a hair transplant, it means that you are bothered about your hair loss. And no wonder, you would want to make sure that the result of your hair transplant is long-lasting.

The answer to this question depends on a number of things; the quality of your surgeon or hair transplant team, the quality of your donor area, and the type of hair transplant you have. Let’s look into each of them separately.

The Quality of Your Donor Area

A healthy donor area is very important when it comes to the success of the FUE Hair Transplant. First of all, your donor area determines whether you are suitable for a hair transplant or not. You need to have enough healthy hair follicles to cover your bald areas. And second, the quality and strength of your hair follicles in your donor area affects the longevity of your hair transplant. Healthy and good quality hair follicles mean permanent results.

The Type of Your Hair Transplant – FUE vs FUT

What about the type of hair transplant? It also has some effects on the duration of your hair transplant.

Although Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) was very popular in the past because it was the only “hope”, now Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is very popular among hair transplant patients. It is simply because compared to FUT, FUE is less invasive.

While FUT, involves the removal of a strip of skin from your donor area, in FUE individual hair follicles are directly collected from the donor area of your scalp. So, the FUE technique does not involve the removal of skin. FUT technique requires a longer recovery period and leaves a scar on your scalp where the strip of skin is taken.

Therefore, when it comes to the success of the hair transplant, the FUE technique offers more promising results compared to FUT. The FUT technique is still used in many countries, especially in countries where hair transplant procedures are not affordable such as the UK. Whereas, in countries like Turkey, it is very rare to find a clinic performing FUT. Most clinics choose to perform FUE. And the best part is when you have FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey, you don’t have to pay a fortune.

The Quality of Your Surgeon or Hair Transplant Team

How? Why FUE Hair Transplant is so expensive in the UK but very affordable in Turkey? Do you wonder if there is a catch? No, there is no catch as long as you choose a reputable hair transplant clinic, you are in safe hands and enjoy your new look at very affordable costs. FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey is more affordable because of the lower labour and operational costs.

But how are you going to make sure about the quality of your surgeon or hair transplant team? You can start with reading the trusted reviews, and you can also check if the clinic or medical travel company is accredited both by the national authorities and by global healthcare accreditation providers such as TEMOS Accreditation. MCAN Health is one of the providers with accreditations thanks to its compatibility with the regulations, you can check their website:

These are the main factors determining whether your hair transplant will be permanent or not. As long as you choose the right clinic offering high-quality hair transplant by considering your unique needs, then your hair transplant results will be permanent.