Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Hair Growth

Being a woman, your next friend is your hair, the voluptuous black strands that make your appearance more graceful and luscious. As a result of taking care of the hair is your next best task. After all, hairs get damaged more easily than anything else. In this daily life full of stress and anxieties, hairs are getting weakened with the passing moment, resulting in a lot of hair problems.

Amidst these, hair fall is the primary concern, which in turn reduces the growth of the hair. Naturally, your black strands lose its shine and fall apart, something that you cannot easily afford. This is the reason why home remedies are the best for treating the hairs properly and gaining the lost shine.

Home remedies for hair growth are best known as the natural ones that don’t harm the hairs even by a bit. Moreover, the natural vitamins and minerals help not only in the growth of the hair but also in replenishing the nutrients and making the scalp healthier.

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective home remedies you can use for the hair growth!


In most cases, biotin serves as an important factor in maintaining the health of the hairs. This Vitamin B complex is essentially required for proper hair growth and hence is taken as both a food and a supplement. Biotin consumption enhances the cell proliferation and the production of more keratin, thereby leading to a proper hair growth.

Coconut oil

Amongst all the essential oils listed down for the hair growth, coconut oil plays a vital role in the process. The small chain fatty acids in this oil help in nourishing the scalp and in turn the hair follicles, strengthening the root of the hair. Also, the lauric acid present in coconut oil can penetrate deep into the scalp and replenish the hair shaft, making the hairs stronger.

Folic acid

Folic acid or the naturally occurring folate is a form of Vitamin B9 that helps in the hair cell growth. Also, it helps in keeping the RBCs healthy and as a result, your hairs will have a high supply of blood. In fact, premature ageing or greying of the hairs can be prevented by having the folic acid. You can find this essential Vitamin in many dietary products.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in lowering the alkalinity in the hairs, making the strands smoother in turn. Also, the acetic acid in the vinegar acts as an anti-microbial agent and hence it can reduce any sort of inflammations or other infections on the scalp. Apple cider vinegar is rich in Vitamin C and B, both of which are essential for the proper hair growth. It is one of the best home remedies for hair growth.

Egg mask

Eggs are a powerhouse of Vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins. The most important ones are the Biotin and the Vitamin B complex, which helps in the proper growth of the hair and replenishment of the nutrient loss. The proteins aids in the growth of the hair as increase the volume of the strands. The fatty acids in the egg yolk help in improving the hair texture and the smoothen the strands.