Best Hairbrush to Buy in India

Hairbrush selection and brushing our hair can be one of the laziest things. It usually involves dealing with knots leading tug-of-war with hair and feeling sad on the breakage and ending up with half of the hair on the brush.

But leaving aside the above problems, the hairbrush helps in untangling and styling. But the salon workers get it right magically every time although we try to do the same ending up in a total failure.

We are not as good as professional hairstylists, but getting a perfect kind of hairbrush will definitely get it close to success. Although numerous options are available in the market, we will help you choose the best hairbrush for you and your family. Let’s start a bit by bit and work towards it and will make a list of the best hair brushes you can buy in India.

Best Hairbrushes to buy in India

RankingNameBuy Now
1Denman D200 Hyflex Vent BrushCheck on Amazon
2Roots Teaser BrushCheck on Amazon
3Vega Premium Collection Wooden Paddle Hair BrushCheck on Amazon
4Tangle Teezer Compact StylerCheck on Amazon
5GranNaturals Boar Bristle Porcupine Style BrushCheck on Amazon
6Wet Brush Night FloralsCheck on Amazon
7Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion 2-1/8″ BrushCheck on Amazon
8Roots Color Glam Paddle BrushCheck on Amazon
9The Body Shop Hairbrush with Bamboo PinsCheck on Amazon
10Roots Wotta Brush Detangling HairbrushCheck on Amazon

Buying Guide to Choose a perfect Hair Brush in India 2020

We have different hair types and textures. It is very important to figure out what and how the hairbrush works best for us. It will help choose a brush in a much easier way. We get overwhelmed by the types of hairbrushes and choices to be made by us to get the perfect one for us. These points to ponder will make you able to select the perfect hairbrush for yourself, without any hassle.

Based on Usage

The first thing to notice about a hairbrush is its type. Not many people think about the different types properly. Each type is made for special and specific use. The following data will help you understand the type and its specific usage.

Vented Brush for Wet Hair Reduces Hair Drying Time

Hairbrushes can be a lifesaver if you’re in a hurry and want to get your hair dried quickly. Vented hair brush allows the air to flow in between the hair locks and let them dry much faster. It reduces time, and there is less need to use the dryer. It also helps to decrease heat damage. But vented brush does not give you volume. It is not the best choice for styling hair in a straight or curly manner. Its usage is quite limited. You have to remain contented with natural looks.

Teaser Brush for Creating Volume of Hair at the Roots

Teaser brush is perfect for teasing the roots and creating hairstyles. It is helpful when we need more volume. This brush will be your new best friend, who will add volume to your hair. The brush is used to tame flyaway hairs, which makes your hair frizzy. It helps you with lots of baby hair, although you must not tease hair too frequently as it will damage it.

Paddle Brush to give Sleek, Smooth, and Frizz-free Hair

Paddle brush helps to get way the frizz in your hair. If we use this brush with a blow dryer, it makes hair sleek and straight. Paddle brushes are quite large. They are recommended for thick hair. It makes brushing less tedious and quick.

Ceramic Barrel Round Brush gives Quicker Drying with Voluminous Curls

Bouncy and voluminous curls will need a ceramic barrel round hairbrush. It helps achieve the look without much effort. It gets heated quickly and retains it. So you need not use the dryer for too long. It makes the hair stay healthier. It helps to straighten hair, taming frizz, and making them glossy. It reduces drying time and makes naturally wavy or curly hair. But remain cautious about the barrel, which may get really hot if you’re not careful.

Oval Brush to Style Hair for Buns and Ponytails

Fan of ponytails and buns need a brush that works on dry as well as wet hair. Oval Hair Brush is the thing for them. These are the most commonly available hairbrush. Oval brushes are good for knotty hair. It can help untangle knots without tugging. They help in smoothening and softening of hair without losing volume.

Detangling Brush for Knots to untangle with Greater Ease and low Breakage

A detangling brush is a hero you need when you have terribly knotty hair, and they cause pain. Densely packed bristles gently untangle the hair, without pulling it and minimal damage.

Matching Bristles with Hair Type

While choosing a hairbrush, bristles are also taken into consideration. Bristles are of three kinds

  • Bamboo
  • Synthetic
  • Boar

Each kind has its pros and cons. Therefore, choose the best hairbrush.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bristles giving Static-Free and Healthier Hair Locks

Bamboo bristles, the most eco-friendly, and is a perfect hairbrush to distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the ends of the hairstrands. It helps keep them healthier. Bristles of bamboo reduce static charge. These are brittle, so they work better on non-curly hair types.

Flexible and Strong Synthetic Bristles to Untangle Thick Hair

Synthetic bristles are both flexible and strong, so these work great on thick or curly hair. These are made of nylon are, therefore, really flexible and are good at untangling hair. Distributing natural oils are not their field of work.

Gentle Boar Bristles help Brushing Fine Hair with no Tugs and Pulls

Boar bristles minimize the damage. They take out knots without pulling hair. Fine hair can be really delicate and need gentle bristles like boar bristles. Hairbrush distributes natural oils from the scalp to the hair ends. It keeps the hair healthier.

Hairbrush to Buy in India 2020

As you know, the basics of the Hair Brush, you can choose the best hairbrush for yourself. Here’s the list of the best Hair Brush options to fit your hair type.

Denman D200 Hyflex Vent Brush

  • Easy to Clean
  • Vented Hairbrush Decrease Drying Time for Thick Hair
  • Easier to blow-dry your hair in a hurry
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Low maintenance
  • Does a decent job of untangling knots
  • Synthetic nylon pins with end balls
  • Feel really soothing on the scalp
  • Quite hard and uncomfortable to use
  • Not the best for weak and damaged hair
  • Bit expensive

Roots Teaser Brush

  • Hairbrush with Mixed Bristles
  • Creates Volume
  • Tames flyaways
  • Solution to all flat hair problems
  • Not too expensive
  • Add a little bit of hairspray to the volume with Hair Brushing
  • 100% boar bristles
  • Best at reducing static

Vega Premium Collection Wooden Paddle Hairbrush

  • Affordable
  • Cushioned Paddle Brush
  • Smoothens Long Straight to Wavy Hair Sturdy
  • Helps untangling dry hair blow-drying it straight
  • Rubberised handle is a letdown and keeps slipping
  • Hard to hold the brush properly
  • Bristles are not the strongest
  • Not recommended who want volume
  • It tames frizz

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

  • Easy to Travel with
  • Detangling Brush for Fine, Wavy to Straight Hair
  • Internationally acknowledged for its efficiency
  • Untangle even the toughest of knots without causing damage
  • Travel-size version
  • Easy to carry in your bag
  • Works really well for fine wavy to straight hair
  • Comes with a cover bristles stay protected
  • Quite small
  • Hard to hold
  • Not recommended for thick or curly hair
  • Pretty expensive product
  • Lasts for about 9 to 12 months

GranNaturals Boar Bristle Porcupine Style Brush

  • Mixed Bristles Brush to untangle knots
  • Make hair more lustrous
  • Perfect hairbrush for long, wavy to curly hair
  • Available in boar bristles and synthetic nylon bristles
  • Distribute natural oils from the scalp to the ends
  • Helps the hair healthier
  • Most expensive brush
  • Not easy to use
  • Handle is quite small
  • Difficult to hold
  • Not recommended with thick, frizzy hair
  • Not recommended sensitive scalps

Wet Brush Night Florals

  • Cushioned Brush
  • Flexible synthetic bristles
  • Untangle wet hair
  • No pulling and damaging hair
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Recommended for fine hair and thick curly hair
  • Does not hurt sensitive scalps
  • Well-built and easy to use brush
  • Fairly expensive
  • Does not distribute natural oils

Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion 2-1/8″ Brush

  • Vented Round Brush
  • Quick-Heating Barrel
  • Good for Voluminous Curls
  • Works for fine and thick hair
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to work
  • Has vents to reduce drying time
  • Has a ceramic barrel to create voluminous frizz-free curls
  • Really expensive
  • Incredible investment for naturally curly hair
  • Style hair regularly

Roots Color Glam Paddle Brush

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Paddle Brush for Smoother Hair
  • High-quality paddle brush
  • Works well for thick, wavy to straight hair
  • Extremely durable
  • Lasts for almost 2 years
  • Flexible yet sturdy bristles
  • No tugging and pulling of hair
  • Ensures minimal hair breakage
  • Really soft ball-end bristles
  • Gives massage-like feel
  • Not too big
  • Works for short and long hair
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces static charges

The Body Shop Hairbrush with Bamboo Pins

  • Oval Brush with Bamboo Bristles for Healthy Frizz-Free Hair
  • Bamboo bristles makes your hair healthier
  • Bristles give a gentle massage-like feeling
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation
  • Great help in growing longer healthier locks
  • Hair remains static-free
  • Works on fine, thin and fairly thick hair
  • Cruelty-free and Eco-friendly product

Roots Wotta Brush Detangling Hairbrush

  • Affordable
  • Hairbrush Untangles Both Wet and Dry Hair
  • Best hairbrush in the market
  • Works on curly and straight hair
  • Flexible bristles
  • No tugging and pulling
  • Sturdy Ball-like ends
  • Gives a soothing massage-like feeling
  • Stimulates the scalp
  • Keeps hair healthy
  • Easy to clean
  • Works well even after 4 to 5 months of use but looks brand new


Hairbrushes are the most integral tools that keep hair healthy. It helps change how your hair looks. It helps you style your hair quickly. We hope above article will help you understand each type of brush, its utility, and help you find the best hairbrush for you. The list of best hair brushes will make it easier to choose and feel the perfectness of your hairdo.