Hair Loss Myths and One Great Tip

Hair Loss

Is it true that shampooing your hair can accelerate hair loss?

When your hair starts to fall out, the first place you will notice this happen is in the shower. Itís understandable to connect this with the act of shampooing, but the truth is that the action of shampooing the hair just loosens up the hair that has already fallen away.

Have I inherited my hair loss from my Motherís side of the family?

This is an old wivesí tale, which isnít going away any time soon! Because hair loss is so common, itís possible to find a bald close relative on the motherís side of the family. But guess what Ė statistically itís just as common on Dadís side too. Itís much more complicated than simply inheriting Grandpaís bald head, and itís possible to inherit the baldness gene from either side of the family.

Itís unusual to go bald before 40 isnít it?

Male pattern baldness is an individual trait, and ranges from roughly late teens for some men, while others retain their hair well into their 60ís before succumbing to baldness. However, around 85% of men experience hair thinning by 50.

Sunshine is bad for your hair, right?

While sunshine isnít directly bad for your hair, because hair is essentially dead skin cells that canít get burned in the way that skin can. Direct sunlight wonít make your hair fall out.

Warm weather can help with hair retention, as the increased blood flow, increased levels of activity compared to winter can increase blood flow, which nourishes the existing hair follicles.

Hats cause baldness, this one has got to be true!

The only way a hat could make you go bald, is if it was very tight-fitting and caused traction alopecia. This is a fancy way of saying that it would be tight enough to pull out your hair by the roots. Your ordinary baseball cap, Panama hat or average fedora isnít going to contribute to hair loss.

Some hair products cause baldness though?

Your hair comes from follicles that are buried in the skin of your scalp. These are protected by your skin, and by the oil they produce, which is called sebum. The visible part of your hair is completely dead, and nothing you do to the visible strands will cause your hair follicles to be permanently damaged. You might, through harsh hair treatments such as bleaching and straightening, break off or damage hair strands, but this alone wonít stop them from growing back.

One genuine tip for hair loss please!

The only permanent way to cure hair loss is with a hair transplant. The hair transplant market is booming right now, and itís a great place to find an affordable deal with a reputable clinic, for a high quality hair replacement treatment. Rather than researching and booking all aspects of the trip separately, use a company like MedAway, who deal directly with high quality clinics, and who will take care of the entire trip for you.