Hair Extensions Do’s and Don’ts: Look Great Without Hair Damage

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are stylish and popular, which is no surprise because they allow you to get a complete makeover fast. Extensions can make your dream of having long hair come true. Or they can help you create a special look for some event. These products are also becoming safer and more affordable as production technologies develop further.

That said, many people still choose to avoid using extensions due to the fear of damaging their natural hair. This damage is a real possibility and you can find many stories on the Internet about hair extensions disasters. However, high-quality products you can buy today are completely safe if used correctly. All you need to enjoy wearing hair extensions is to know how to do it right. Also, depending on the type of extensions you choose, you will need the help of an experienced professional.

Do choose the right type of hair extensions for you

The most important rule of hair extensions safety is to choose the type that fits you best. For example, if you have thin hair, you should stick to different kinds of tape-in hair extensions. They can be bonded with tapes so thin that they are nearly invisible. Therefore, you can make them look completely natural as well as enhance the volume of your locks.

Those with medium to thick hair should choose hand-tied weft extensions. They are versatile and will look natural. Also, these extensions can be worn for up to 12 weeks. Depending on the type of bonding used, you can get a maintenance session after a few weeks and wear them even longer.

Be advised that these more permanent types of extensions can cause damage to the roots of your natural hair if they aren’t installed correctly. Therefore, it’s essential to have them applied only by a qualified and experienced hairstylist.

There is also a weave hair extension technique that will be a great choice for those with thick and natural hair. But again. This technique requires the stylist to have experience and skill. They will literally sew hair wefts into tiny braids on your head. You can wear these extensions for weeks and they will look natural. However, you’ll need to be very careful to prevent impeding the blood flow in the scalp.

Don’t wear hair extensions for too long

There are some types of hair extensions that are safe to wear for up to six months. Some people even prefer to wear them longer. However, it’s important to understand that this type of hair enhancement shouldn’t be really “permanent”.

If you want your natural hair to remain healthy, you’ll need to follow the stylist’s guidelines and remove the extensions when necessary. Depending on their type it might be anywhere between 4 and 12+ weeks. Usually, after this time you will either need to really them from scratch or have them adjusted (microlink wefts need to be repositioned).

Overusing this tool can damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss and other issues. That’s why it’s best to give your hair some breaks if using extensions regularly.

Do take good care of your hair

Hair extensions will require specialized maintenance. Therefore, you’ll need to learn how to care for them from the start. Luckily, the extensions available today are easy to care for. They can be washed and styled like your regular hair. However, it’s essential to use “gentle” and sulphate-free haircare products.

You also need to be careful with heat styling, especially for tape-in hair extensions.

But most importantly, you’ll need to make sure your hair and scalp are well-hydrated. Deep conditioning at least once a week is mandatory if you use permanent or semi-permanent types of extensions.

Don’t use hair extensions if your hair is damaged

It’s a simple truth, hair extensions will damage your natural hair a little. However, if your locks are healthy and strong and you take good care of them, the damage will be negligible.

But if your hair is weakened from the start, using extensions can cause a disaster with massive hair loss. That’s why you should only use them if your natural tresses are in top condition. If not, you should first focus on hair regeneration and strengthening. Then, you can start wearing tape-in extensions that are safer and can be removed fast if necessary.