Crown Braid : How to Make it like a Pro

Crown braid or halo braid is a beautiful style that can be dressed up and worn anywhere with many accessories. Crown braids are becoming especially popular in the last few years with the girls who love to go dancing, or even when they go for their prom night.

Although it may look a bit difficult to create, it’s next to simple …. quite simple and gives a fresh feel look. You may in no time will be able to do a crown braid, and can make everyone feel jealous about your young and appealing looks. Imagine and feel how beautiful hairstyle looks with a satin princess gown.

Method 1 : Creating a Crown Braid

Part hair in the middle. Separate hair into two sections, i.e., the left and right side. Secure one half while you work on the other half, so that they don’t get mixed up. You may use a scrunchy or a hair clip to avoid the mix up and this way the one side will not overlap the other side. Try best to contain any loose small hairs that might pop out of the braid.

Take the loose side and braid till the end of the neck. Split the section into three strands. In case it is a bit fuzzy for you you may can also tie a hair clip to each of these strands while you prepare for the next step. Sometimes it gets hard to act easily for a newbie separately on three parts at once.

Do an Reverse French braid or Dutch Braid. Start crossing each strands underneath each other instead of taking them over one another. Work your way near the side of the head. Keep the braid tight and well laid over. Do not let braid become loose, otherwise it will not form a tight “crown.”

Cross the braid across the temple of the forehead. Secure the ends of the braid with an matching elastic band to keep the braid tight and secure.

Start with opposite side of the hair left open. Instead of the bottom, start at the top of the head. Split the section into three smaller parts and do the same dutch braid that you did to the first part. Work near the side of the head, finishing near the end of the neck. You may put an elastic band to secure when you are done with the braid.

Develop the “crown.” Pull the braids from left to right, and over top of your head. The bread should rest a few inches from your forehead. Secure this braid with a Bobbi pin. Now pull the other braid from right to left, pushing it up against the previous braid. Secure this braid with a Bobbi pin as well. You now have a hairstyle that should look like a “crown.”

Method 2 : Braiding a Half-Crown

Grab a 1-2 inch section of hair. Do this on the left side of the head, right above the left ear. Split the section into three parts. Feel free to separate the sections by using elastic bands if you are required to do so.

Braid the left side hair. Make an reverse French braid or Dutch Braid. You must ensure that the braid is tight, otherwise it will not look like a “crown.” After completing the braid, tie an elastic band around the end to secure it in place. Let the braid hang down until the next step.

Repeat the braid on the other side. Take 1-2 inches of strands above the right ear. Split the section three equal ways. Braid a reverse French braid, and do ensure that it is tight. Finally, tie the end with an elastic band.

Take one of the braids in hand. Place it around the back of the head. The braid must rest about 2 inches above the back of the neck. Pin braid into place using a Bobbi pin. The “crown” should appear circular.

Take the other braid in hand. Pull it around the back, in the circular path around the head. Place it near the other braid. Tuck in the end of the second braid, under the first braid. Pin it properly using a Bobbi pin. You may use a few extra pins to as to seal both braids together.

Method 3 : Forming a Twisted Crown Braid

Let the hair fall to one side of the face. Hair must fall to where the hand strength is right handed, let hair fall to the right. Pick up two small pieces of hair at the hairline. Hold one in each of the hands.

Start braiding hair. Twist them so that one piece of hair goes to the bottom, while the other goes to the top. After this initial move, add a few strands of hair to the lower piece. Continue twisting again and it may take few moments to set the track of moving the bottom piece up, and the top piece down.

Follow pattern all the way around. Continue braiding, adding hair to the bottom piece, and flipping each strand as you go along. Ensure that braid begins to look twisted. Ensure that the braid remains tight, otherwise you won’t get nice “crown” look.

Continue for as long as you have hair to incorporate. Keep continuing over the existing braid until you run out of hair. Do not add hair to the bottom piece and start crossing over onto the existing braid.

Finishing off with twisted crown braid. Twist the very end of the braid, until it is like a rope and start tucking the rope under the existing braid. Add a few Bobby pins to the braid to secure it into place.