Best Portrait Editors for PC and Smartphone


Even during the lockdown, we are still craving new amazing Instagram photos to make our accounts brighter and more exciting. However, our options are quite limited Without an opportunity of traveling to a gorgeous beach and taking incredible nature pictures.

How do you take a breathtaking portrait without leaving your apartment? You will require a little help from our digital assistants – portrait editors. Nowadays, the choices are so big, that you might get lost in them and pick something too expensive with unnecessary tools or something too amateur that will not give you wanted results. Here are two programs that will meet your goals: one easy to use program with an extensive set of tools for your PC and one user-friendly app for your mobile device.

Comprehensive Photo Editor for PC

If you are looking for a professional tool to create Instagram-ready images, get a free portrait editor – PhotoDiva. Regardless of the level of your expertise, you will quickly learn this tool and enjoy its endless options.

Use one-click solutions

Before you dive into the intricacies of editing tools, try the autocorrection to see a rapid overall enhancement in one click. Firstly, assess the main problems with your picture: skin tone is off, the face is too shiny, teeth seem yellowish. Then choose the corresponding enhancement option and watch your image gaining quality in one second.

Remove Skin Blemishes

There are two main tools to remove skin imperfections, like small pimples and wrinkles. Healing Brush is a perfect tool for small adjustments – simply place it right on the pimple and click your mouse, and the pimple will disappear. For bigger issues, use Clone Stamp – a tool that copies a particular part of the image and replaces a problematic area with it.

Change Background

If you would like to instantly transport yourself to a Mediterranean beach in Italy or the Grand Canyon in Arizona, use the background changing tool. Mark the object you would like to preserve with the Object Brush and the surroundings you want to remove with a Background Brush. Then choose a new photo in the library of the portrait photo editor or upload one from your PC and choose it as a new background.

Correct Makeup

Maybe you discovered an old image where you chose not to wear makeup or perhaps it got smeared during the long photoshoot. The built-in makeup tool will save you a lot of time applying eyeshadows and lipstick and give you many new options. You can try out new colors for your lips and eyes, a new tone of bronzer and blusher.

Fun and Simple Photo Editing App for Smartphone

AirBrush is an application for your mobile device that is fun to use and easy to master. Due to its mobile package, it does not offer as many tools as a PC program would, however, it will surprise you with some very useful and convenient options.

Smooth out Small Imperfections

Mobile portrait editor offers a Smooth Tool that will cover up all your small blemishes in one second. Apply it around your eyes, mouth, and forehead to achieve flawless smooth skin. If you are in a hurry, apply the automatic Smooth tool that will enhance the overall image and make your skin look silky.

Dye Your Hair

Have you ever wondered how you would look like with pink hair? Maybe you just want to prank your followers and post a picture to see how they would react. Either way, choose the Hair Dye tool and discover a wide palette of colors: from classic ginger, blond, and dark brown to bright pink, purple, and blue.

Fix Wrong Light

Did you take a perfect shot and realized that half of your face is in the shadow? This can be very frustrating but the mobile application has a quick solution. Relight is a tool that allows you to pivot the source of light to create a harmonious composition. In order to balance out unfit lighting, move the small circle of light around your image to catch the perfect disposition.

Nowadays, making professional-looking photos has become easy and accessible to everyone. The only thing that you need to contribute is your desire to create awesome portraits. Choose a portrait editing program for your device and start making incredible shots.