Best Lacto Calamine Products for Your Skin

Lacto Calamine Product

Lacto Calamine†has been the favourite beauty brand for women. No matter if it was pimples or simply a dry skin, every girl used to buy the†Lacto Calamine†product and according to their verdicts, the results were definitely incredible. Over the years, many different beauty product companies have emerged in the market and many women use the other products too.

However, when it comes to†Lacto Calamine, no one can ever win on the benefits of this particular skin care group.†Lacto Calamine†products are manufactured by the Piramal healthcare and the company has made sure that no woman is left disappointed after using their product.



There are a plethora of different benefits of this skin care product. Letís have a look at them!

  1. It perfectly moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. Daily use of this product will never let your skin dry or scaly. If you have an oily skin, then choose the one, which has a control over the oil secretion.
  2. It gets fully absorbed by your facial skin and hence acts as a makeup base, it even out the skin and hence no lumps will form even if your skin is rough.
  3. The ingredients in the lotion help to heal the skin, which has been burnt due to the sun or made rough due to the pollution.
  4. It also has antiseptic properties, which will prevent any microbial infection.
  5. The astringents present help in tightening the skin and lessening the size of the pores.
  6. Zinc oxides and the carbonates help in protecting your face and skin against the harmful rays of the sun.
  7. It helps in the deep-exfoliation of the skin and hence cleans the pores from within.
  8. The emulsifying component, kaolin, helps in maintaining the texture of the skin and evening out the collagen layer.



Many products are there of this skin care group which are still not very much known for people who usually donít use this. Many think that†Lacto Calamine†means only one lotion but no, there are many other different skin treatments available.

  1. Lacto Calamineoil balance face scrub

This is mainly used for exfoliating the skin to get rid of the hidden germs and dirt.

  1. Lacto Calaminesun shield SPF 30 PA++

This is best in protecting your skin from the harmful UV radiations. The zinc oxides and carbonate forms a protective layer over your skin.

  1. Lacto Calamineoil balance face wash for oily skin

This face wash will balance the oil content of your skin and hence, it will prevent the further breakout of any acne.

  1. Lacto Calaminedaily care lotion for oily skin

This is used as a daily care lotion, to soothe the burnt skins, to reduce the inflammations, and to maintain the natural glow of the skin.

  1. Lacto Calamineskin balance daily care nourishing lotion

Suitable for both dry and normal skin, this is used for maintaining the oil content of the skin and to keep it supple and soft.

  1. Lacto Calaminereneu†anti-aging cream

This anti-aging cream prevents the generation of anti-oxidants and hence prevents the pre-maturation of the skin.

  1. Lacto Calaminedaily face care lotion for combination skins

This face wash can be used by anyone with any skin type. It has kaolin and aloe vera in it, which will take care of your skinís health.

  1. Lacto Calamineskin balance daily nourishing lotion oil control

The glycerine present in it will hydrate your skin and will make it soft and supple. Kaolin will maintain your skin texture and will allow you to have a smooth skin.