Best 4 Expensive Clothing Brands

Clothing Brands

Luxury and comfort walk hand in hand; especially when you’ve some of the top clothing brands in the world who believe in the same. When you are adapting yourself to the glam industry of fashion, you are ought to ask for comfort and a relaxing outfit. It’s natural and quite expected. After all, until and unless you are in your own comfort zone, neither you can enjoy the apparel you are wearing nor you can make a significant impression on the crowd.

It’s easy to carry your own persona with you but to maintain the charisma even when you’re dressing up in different apparels is not at all easy. This is the reason why the top fashion brands have emerged as the best source of both luxury and comfort.

All across the world, these branding companies have compelled women to wear the clothing and flaunt their uncanny beauty in the most unexpected way. Starting from designer one-pieces to the cocktail gowns, each apparel piece is unique in its own sense. Wearing them to any purpose is like a Déjà Vu.

If you are still stuck in choosing the best one for you, then here are some of the most expensive clothing brands that have provided clothes for even the royalties and the celebrities.


Burberry is actually one of the oldest clothing brands. It was founded in 1856 in London and since then, it has been the primal choice of many all across the world. Not only the brand leads in the quality of the materials but also in the designs and craftsmanship. Its versatility has led the brand to a pioneer position where it is being considered as the best apparel provider. The dresses designed by the artisans of Burberry are made to create an everlasting impression, something beyond the time and definition.


When it comes to the ultimate fashion, no one perhaps can beat the exquisite collections of the Prada. Established in Milan in 1913, Prada has become a leading enterprise in the fashion industry, staking its claim on the fashion crown. Starting from a variety of clothes to different fashion accessories, Prada is a brand that is quite famous amongst the top celebrities also.


Italians are believed to have a strong affinity for ultimate fashion and that’s why this Italian fashion brand, Gucci has managed to creep up to the top of the fashion industry. It was established in Florence in the year 1921 and is worth if 12.4 billion in the Euro currency. The classic essence of the clothing has made Gucci the 38th popular brand on the Forbes list. Trying out the clothes designed by this topmost Italian brand is near to being a surreal dream, especially when the clothes feel like a protective blanket on the bare skin.

Ralph Lauren

Established in 1967, this British company has become a number one name in the hot list for fashion brands. Though the company hails from the British lands, there is a distinctive taste of the American culture in the products of Ralph Lauren. In fact, the apparels and the accessories designed by this brand is impeccable bearing the ultimate style statement. This is perhaps the most expensive clothing brands.