5 Best Drugstore Eyeliner You Can Buy


Eyes are said to be the window to one’s soul. The shape of the eyes varies from one woman to another and that is what makes her look distinct and special. In fact, when you are applying makeup, highlighting the eyes is the first thing you focus on. After all, making them prominent will do half of your job of making your appearance bold.

According to the look you want to cherish for the evening, different designs of eye makeup are there. And when it comes to the creation of a sharp and chiseled eye makeup, nothing can compare the magic of the eyeliners, be it liquid or pens.

Starting from winged to split, many different designs are there in which you can highlight the curvature of your eyes and make them stand out in particular. And for the correct design, you will need the correct eyeliner.

If you are confused as to choose the best drugstore eyeliner, then here are certain options specifically sorted out for you. Accentuate the beauty of your eyes in a way you have never done before!


The name itself gives away the quality of the work this eyeliner does. Precision is its focus as you can have a sharp-edged eye design with this eyeliner. The pen has a pointed tip that will allow you to make the edges more defined. The smudge-proof nature will ensure that you don’t have the black ink painted here and there on your face. Its waterproof and so you don’t have to worry about your liner getting washed away.


The consistency of the black colored liquid isn’t too thick to make the edges blurry. Also, the liquid isn’t too thin. The aptness of the consistency allows you to have both sharp edges and jet black fill-in to add a dramatic look to your eyes. To get a deeper blackish look, you will have to apply two or more strokes and make your eyes more pronounced. Longevity is really good, for almost twelve hours and you can apply it on your oily eyelids too.


The pen allows you to have a control over your hands and so you get any design you wish to. The design of the pen makes the grip more firm and hence you can have winged eyes in the easiest way. The tip measures for 0.1 millimeters and this precision will make the eyes more pronounced. In fact, the tip is made in a way so as to have a sleek and refined design. It is perhaps the best drugstore eyeliner you can have.


The pigmentation in this liquid eyeliner is marvelous, something that will give you the desired look even in one stroke. The brush has a fine tip, which will prevent the smudging of the liner during its application. The liner is going to lasts for around twelve hours so its perfect for a party. In fact, the liner comes in various shades like blue and grey.


Though it isn’t a pen and you have to use a brush for the application, the high-definition pigment concentration will help you to have a classic look. The fast drying up of the eyeliner liquid is due to the rich blending formula of the polymers in it.