Basic Steps To Nude Makeup For The Beginners

Nude Makeup

Let the nude makeup look with a dewy complexion, neutral shades and subtle shimmer steal the show. Look diva with minimum makeup emphasising your natural features.

What Is Nude Makeup?

The idea behind nude makeup is not going without cosmetics but applying the minimum yet right amount to enhance natural beauty. The secret is to choose neutral colours that work with your skin tone. Just follow the basic rule; ‘less colour looks better’.

Below are the simple steps to achieve the nude makeup look:

  1. Step 1- First step to nude makeup is to select the right colour of cosmetic that will show your great skin.
  2. Step 2- Use a regular face wash that suits your skin to wash your face and pat dry with a clean towel. Your face should be completely free of dirt, oil and makeup traces.
  3. Step 3– To achieve complete nude makeup look better to skip the application of foundation. Although foundation gives a smoothening skin tone and prepares a base for rest of the makeup to sit on it may give you a cakey look. Better moisturize your skin with a simple souffle or tinted moisturizer. With a clean finger apply it to your forehead, nose and chin and spread it evenly for a smooth finish.

If you want to go with foundation, choose the one with same skin tone or opt for a lighter tone if an exact match is not available.

  1. Step 4- It’s on you decide whether to skip or choose foundation, but concealer is must to hide skin flaws. Apply concealer standing in front of the mirror. Make sure the mirror is lit well so that flaws are visible more clearly.

This much of makeup is enough for radiant, flawless facial skin. Little work on lips, cheek and eyes will now complete the nude makeup look.

Eye Makeup

  1. Step 1- Pick the eyeshadow that is close to your natural skin tone. Apply it to your eyelids with the help of a brush to make your eyes appear soft.
  2. Step 2- With the help of contour brush, contour the deeper shade of brown to the outer corners of your eyes.
  3. Step 3- Use a cream-coloured eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone and add drama to the eyes.
  4. Step 4- Draw a stroke using a brown pencil along your lash line.
  5. Step 5– Apply a single coat of mascara to finish the look.

Lip Makeup

  1. Step 1- Look for the lip shade close to your skin tone and apply it to your lips with the help of a brush.
  2. Step 2- Finish the look by applying a transparent lip gloss.

Cheek Makeup

  1. Step 1- Apply slight blush to bring a glow to your cheeks. Choose shade more natural and close to your skin tone.
  2. Step 2- Emphasis your cheekbones with pastel colour cheek highlighters.

I have explained the steps of basic nude makeup. However, you may experiment a little bit depending on the occasion and your personality.

Nude makeup is time-saving and versatile. Wear it to a beach party, dinner, office or any other place where you do not want to look all made up.