Are You Making These Lipstick Application Mistakes?


Lipstick is such an intense, bold element of our makeup. It emphasizes the mouth, which is a feature that people notice whenever we speak. But, we spend the least effort ensuring that our lipstick is perfect. We are so obsessed with the winged liner we wear and contour that we forget about the lips that make a statement. This is why it’s often the most important aspect of our makeup routine that we mess up. This is the day to stop. This is finally providing a list of the most common mistakes we make with lipstick and why we must stop making these mistakes now!

Not scrubbing off chapped Lips

Lipstick requires an even, smooth foundation. Applying lipstick to dry, flaky lips, regardless of how perfect the lipstick is, will not look great and can make your appearance unprofessional. A sugar and coconut oil scrub is a simple solution to this problem and is made with the kitchen’s ingredients in just a few minutes!

Inattention to Hydration.

Lipsticks, particularly those with pigmentation, are loaded with chemicals that make the hydration process much more than a matter of comfort. Hydrating your lips with a rich cream, which is absorbed by the skin, is vital. Lip balms are also an alternative, but it typically creates a thin layer over the lips and does not penetrate the skin, making lipstick application difficult. Therefore, pick what is best for you, but be sure that your lips get the proper moisture!

Use liquid or matte lipstick on chapped, dry lips.

Liquid matte and matte lipstick are extremely dry. Applying them to chapped or dry lips to create a matte appearance is an unintentional recipe for catastrophe. It is essential to hydrate your lips before using these products to ensure that you get a uniform shade and a smooth texture.

The application of too many matte liquid lipsticks.

Matte liquid lipsticks may become painful and difficult to wear if they are layered over and over again, as is the case with nail polish can look strange when you apply more layers before it’s dried properly. Additionally, the matte liquid lipsticks usually do not have the soft, smooth sensation that comes from creamy lipsticks. Layering them on top will make the lipstick sticky and flaky in addition to full of flaws. It could also lead to dry lips because of the formula.

Uncertain of our undertones and picking the wrong color.

I’m sure I’m yellow-toned and appear awful in cool-toned Barbie-pink lipstick. But do you know your skin’s undertones and what colors work best with it? When choosing lipsticks, we frequently make this error. In fact, in the case of India, we get distracted by the discussion of fair and dark skin that we don’t pay attention to our undertones. The result is us picking shades that aren’t the best for us.

Overlining our lips.

The trend was considered cool in the late 90s and the early 2000s; the trend of using a dark brown-ish mauve lip liner and making fake lines of lips outside of the mouth should have been a thing of the past before it began. However, the world of the thick lip is doing everything possible to bring it back and encourage lipstick wearers to look ridiculous again.

Use a lip liner that will be darker in color than lipstick.

Some trends are defying logic, and this is among the most bizarre. It is believed to be a way to define larger lips. The dark lip liner is supposed to make the lips appear smaller and create an ombre effect when paired with a lighter shade in the center. Unsurprisingly, this is a relatively poor look, outdated and uninspiring.

Do not use a lip liner in any way.

It is recommended to use an eyeliner that is a similar shade to your lipstick to define the cupid’s bow, as well as the contour of your mouth. Additionally, the center of your lips must be lined using lipstick. So, when the lipstick fades, you’ll not only have an outline. Additionally, your lips will also have clearly defined boundaries within which they can be used.

Not knowing anything about the process of setting lipsticks.

If you don’t wipe off your lipstick using a tissue and then add makeup powder, it’s not a problem about it spreading. Setting and layering the matte, satiny or creamy lipstick is vital to ensure it will last longer. Lipsticks with matte liquid colors are the sole ones that do not require this.

We are not doing our base as per our lipstick.

If you are applying the boldest shade of lipstick, it’s essential to match all the other makeup in accordance with the color of lipstick used. For example, applying a heavy blush using wine lipstick could make you look odd. Not covering the lips with red lipstick could make the skin appear uneven.

Use glittery, frosty lipsticks that are adorned with tiny glitter.

Lipsticks with glitter are full of glittery particles that are flaky. They can irritate the delicate lips’ skin and cause discomfort wear. It is possible to keep tugging at your lips, mistaking them with flakes, and press your lips to smooth the lips.

Uncertain of your lip’s shape.

Fuller lips appear more attractive with lighter shades of lipstick, and slim lips appear smaller when darker shades of lipstick are put on them. In addition, red lipstick looks gorgeous on lips that are defined, such as the ones of Taylor Swift, but might not be as attractive on lips that don’t have distinct outer edges. Therefore, picking the appropriate lip color based on your lips shape is a great option to consider when you’re uncertain and don’t have the time to shape your lips.