A Guide to Laser Hair Removal Neck for Beginners

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Do you desire for hairless and smooth skin? Well, different options like shaving, waxing and plucking are available but these take time. However, if you can go extra miles for permanent results then laser hair removal is best option. A light beam is used to destroy the follicle and give you a hair free and fuzz free skin.

The melanin in your skin absorbs the light emitted from laser and damages the hair follicles which produce hair. The damage stops the growth of hair or delays its growth in future. This delay is usually for long periods. Laser hair treatment is especially done on lips, underarms, bikini and chin however some people also go for laser hair removal neck treatment.

Multiple treatments are available for hair removal including maintenance treatments for better results. Such treatment is good for people with dark hair and light skin.

Why laser hair removal treatment is done?

Anyone who wishes to get rid of unwanted hair can opt for laser treatment. The common areas where this treatment can be done are chin, bikini line, upper lip, armpits, and legs. However, this treatment is possible in all areas of body except the eyelid. Thus, laser hair removal neck is also possible.

The treatment success depends on the skin type and hair colour of an individual. The hair pigment should absorb the laser light and not the skin pigments. This absorption should cause damage only to hair follicle and not the skin thus skin pigment does not influence much on results. The best result is seen in individual with contrast hair and skin colour. This results in less damage to skin.

However, advancement in laser technology has given an option to those with darker skin as well for laser hair removal. But, those hair colours with less absorption capacity might not get effective result from treatment. White, blond, red and gray colour hair absorbs less light thus they get less effective results.

Risks of laser hair treatment

Side effects are less as it varies with treatment plan, skin type and hair colour. Pre and post treatment care also affects the result. The common side effects are as follows:

  • Irritation of skin– after laser hair treatment an individual can feel temporary discomfort, swelling and redness on the treated areas. However, these symptoms exist for several hours.
  • Change in pigment- the skin colour may get dark or light but this is a temporary effect. Individuals with darker skin can get skin lightening if their skin is exposed in sunlight before and after treatment.

Other changes like crusting, blistering, scarring and other are rarely seen. However, few side effects like excessive hair growth and graying of hair are seen on darker skin but they are rare.

Don’t go for treatment in areas such as eyebrows, eyelids, surrounding areas of injury.

How to prepare for laser hair removal neck?

Interested in laser hair treatment, and then choose a certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist having experience of laser hair treatment. If the treatment is done by a licensed nurse or physician assistant then he/she must perform it under the supervision of a certified doctor. If you opt for treatment in salons or spas then make sure that no nonmedical personnel perform the procedure. However, don’t go for it without consulting a doctor. The doctor will:

  • Review the medical history of individual going for laser hair removal where doctor will check their past procedures of hair removal, skin disorder history and medication use
  • Doctor will discuss about benefits, risk and expectations from the treatment
  • Doctor will take pictures of the area undergoing treatment before and after the procedure to take reviews

Consult the plan costs and procedure after consultation. The laser hair removal neck is an expensive procedure.

The doctors will also suggest you few instructions including:

  • Stay out of the sun- avoid exposing your skin to sun for at least six weeks and don’t forget to use sunscreen
  • Skin lightening- avoid any skin darkening cream on the treated areas. A skin bleaching cream may be prescribed to remove skin tanning or darker skin
  • Avoid other methods- don’t use any other methods of hair removal like waxing, electrolysis, and plucking for 4 weeks before the laser hair removal neck treatment
  • Avoid medications- your doctor may prescribe you to avoid any blood thinning medications before the procedure
  • Shaving- avoid shaving and trimming on neck before treatment. Shaving and trimming will result into skin damaging

What to expect?

The treatment is not a single procedure, two to six treatments are followed under it. The series of treatment depends upon the location. Areas such as upper lip, 4-8 weeks treatment will be done. Areas like back where growth of hair is slow, the treatment will be carried in every 12-16 weeks.

Goggles will be provided before treating the areas to protect eyes as laser beam can be harmful for them. Anaesthetic will be applied to the skin to prevent discomfort.

What happens during and after the procedure?

A hand held laser will be used which has a cooling device to soothen the skin from any side effects. The laser beams reach to hair follicles passing through the skin and damage them. This stops their further growth for some time. A feeling like a warm pinprick will cause sudden discomfort but the cooling gel or device will soothen the skin from that sensation. The treatment will take time depending upon the area being treated.

After the procedure redness and swelling will be seen on areas however this is for first few hours. Applying ice will reduce the redness or swelling or a steroid cream will be applied as soon as laser hair removal is done. 

Results of laser hair removal neck treatment

Don’t expect immediate fall of hair, it will take few days or weeks to shed the hair. To reduce the hair growth and loss repeated procedure will be done. The results will be different for different individuals. Few people expect loss of hair for several months which don’t grow for years. However, permanent result is not guaranteed.

Home lasers also work well but use it as per instructions given on device.