6 Tips for Transforming Your Salon Into a One-Stop Beauty Hot Spot


Looking to transform your beauty salon into the hottest spot in town? Keep reading below to figure out how to make the most of your salon:

1. Replace old furniture.

If your furniture is looking a bit old (and in dire need of an update), we have the best retailer for you to shop from: Keller International!

Keller International provides high-quality salon equipment for beauty salons, hair salons, and barbershops. They have all the salon furnishings you would ever need: salon chairs, barber chairs, and several other pieces of new products (such as carts and trolleys, reception area furniture, and LED mirrors). Not only are the Keller shipments completely free, but they offer incredible customer service. You’ll never have to worry about receiving unsatisfying Keller products; you can relax knowing this reliable company will supply your salon with everything it needs to thrive. Visit keller4salon.com to start picking out your furniture. Look for styles that are updated, but still classic. This way, you can keep the chairs but change up other design features easily in the future.

2. Create an in-store market.

Consider featuring businesses or vendors inside your shop. When your clients come in to get serviced, they can also have the option to learn about companies that are thriving in the beauty industry as well.

Glamnetic is a fantastic beauty vendor to include in your in-store market. Glamnetic is an online company that specializes in selling false lashes, including magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes may sound hard to apply, but they’re actually super cute and simple to apply on with magnetic eyeliner. False lashes are the most fun way to enhance your eyes, and Glamnetic also offers a natural lash line that makes your real lashes look even better. The reviewers are raving about the lashes provided by Glamentics; visit their website to check out their offerings, and say goodbye to old-fashioned, messy eyelash glue!

3. Offer healthy drink options.

A lot of beauty and wellness involves consuming supplements for our body. A healthy diet does wonders for your hair, skin, and nails, and therefore salon professionals should encourage their clients to lead a healthier lifestyle. Instead of first offering soft drinks, offer your customers fruit-infused water (essential for hydration) or even homemade smoothies packed with fruit, protein, and other healthy ingredients. This will be a small and subtle change that your customers are sure to appreciate.

4. Order health, beauty, and wellness magazine subscriptions.

You can’t have a salon without having a stack of magazines for your customers to flip through. While the hot fashion and beauty magazines have always been popular, there are still so many other publications that promote wellness. Here are a few that may suit your salon lobby:

  • CRWNMAG: CRWN Magazine features products, businesses, and leaders in the Black hair industry. In addition to providing excellent hair content, they also feature small businesses that are centered around wellness.
  • Mantra Wellness: This magazine features mindful lifestyle content, advice on creating spaces for sanctuary, and health and wellness content that goes beyond the body.

5. Use the space to host events as well.

Is there a local fashion designer who wants to host a fashion show? Are there any artists looking to show off their work? If you know of any local creatives who need space to hold an event of their own, it’d be a sweet gesture to offer them the salon to use (outside of business hours). Not only can you earn some extra money by renting out your space, but a big event can result in new customers for your shop!

6. Offer several services.

Women and men alike will always enjoy the pleasure of getting their hair done. But there are also several other services that are just as enjoyable: massages, manicures and pedicures, eyebrow threading, etc. Take into consideration how large your salon is and its possibilities. You may need to bring in additional help to provide those services, but it’ll be worth it. Customers will definitely appreciate the convenience of going to one shop to get all kinds of work done