The Top 5 Tricks Every Beauty Professional Should Know

Beauty Professional

Love experimenting with makeup? Or hoping to hone your skills to become a professional makeup artist to the stars?

Then you wonít want to miss our top 5 tricks that everyone in the beauty industry (novice or not) should know. And if you want to take these tips to the next level, you can learn all the tricks of the trade at places like Capital Hair & Beauty.

1. Hold Your Brush the Right Way

This sounds straightforward but youíd be surprised just how many people donít hold their brush the right way. When you hold a foundation brush, hold it at the end.

Yes, this does give you a little less control over your movements but itíll help give a softer more natural finish.

2. Powder to Perfection

Sometimes, itís easy to get carried away with your powdered foundation. Itís great for hiding imperfections and getting rid of shine, but this doesnít mean you need to apply it everywhere.

Rather, use a large brush to get to work on the T-zone. Or to create a smoother look in certain places, e.g. around the nose and under the eyes, use a smaller contour brush to reach into these areas.

3. Hold Back on the Concealer

Itís natural to want to cover up those blemishes, but donít apply so much product that it becomes obvious. Rather, get as much coverage as you can but without using as much product.

Tap your concealer under your eyes and up to your nose, then buff out the edges with a concealer brush.

4. Heat Up Your Eyelash Curlers Before You Use Them

To get the perfect curl to your lashes, blow your eyelash curler with your hairdryer before you use them. Let them cool down slightly before you clamp them on your lashes (you donít want to burn your eyelid!). This will help hold the curl in place for far longer.

5. Clean Your Brushes

Your makeup tools can soon get clogged up with product, whether itís eyeliner or foundation. And unfortunately, shampoo, soap and brush cleansers donít always get it out.

Instead, to really give your brushes a good clean, get some eye makeup remover and place a few drops into a bowl. Swirl your brush around in this so it starts to loosen away all that old makeup. Then, rinse your brushes before swirling them around in a drop of face wash to help get rid of the remover and makeup. Rinse again and voila!

If you feel like this still isnít getting them clean, you could try using a fine-tooth comb. This will get right into the heart of the bristles to remove stubborn built-on makeup.

All of these tips may seem simple but they can make a huge difference to your makeup routine Ė and theyíll help you feel like a pro!

Image Credits: Beauty Professional fromYAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV /Shutterstock