4 Procedures to Get Your Body Ready for Summer

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The elusive beach body is one of the most coveted things for women every summer. Getting rid of that pesky cellulite and replacing it with toned muscles can feel like an impossible dream for many. Luckily, there are a few simple procedures that can make the dream a reality. If you dont know where to begin, here are four of the most popular cosmetic procedures that will tackle all of the most common problem areas and give you that toned, slim physique.

Finding a good plastic surgeon

Before you start thinking about which surgery is right for you, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon. You’ll need to feel comfortable telling them all of your concerns and speaking openly about the procedure. Lexington Plastic Surgeons in Kentucky is the perfect example of a reliable, dependable surgery, where patients will feel secure putting their faith in their doctor.

At Lexington PS, you can rest assured that your doctor is fully qualified and experienced to perform the procedure of your choice. Led by Dr. Gerstle, a Harvard-trained surgeon, the team is fully committed to giving each patient their full time and attention, so that you feel safe and comfortable from the moment you walk through the door.

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Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical procedures for tackling unwanted body fat and transforming into toned, sleek muscles. In fact, in 2018, it was the second most frequently performed plastic surgery. Liposuction can be performed almost anywhere on the body where unwanted fat tends to accumulate. Many people have the surgery performed on their chin, arms, hips, thighs, and abdomen.

The procedure is a great way to tackle problem areas that just don’t seem to respond to vigorous exercise and diet adjustments. If you’ve been going to the gym regularly, but can’t seem to get rid of the fat around your hips or lower abdomen, you’re not alone. Lots of women (and men) turn to liposuction when these problematic areas don’t respond to exercise regimes.

Why choose liposuction for your beach body?

There are plenty of great benefits to liposuction if you choose this type of surgery.

  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  • Get a defined body contour.
  • Harvest fat for injection in other areas, like the buttocks.
  • Can be performed virtually anywhere on the body
  • Unlike the tummy tuck, you won’t be left with any large scars.

About the procedure

Most liposuction procedures will begin with a detailed, in-depth consultation. You and your doctor will discuss your medical history and your aesthetic goals. Your doctor will determine whether the procedure is right for your body type or not. In most cases, doctors will reserve the surgery for those who are significantly overweight, but do have specific areas of excess fat that they wish to target.

This consultation will help you and your doctor come up with a detailed plan and will help you know what to expect from the surgery. Small areas can be treated quickly using a local anesthetic or sedation, and won’t require any downtime at the clinic. Larger target areas require a general anesthetic, and though you’ll return home after the surgery, you’ll usually need a follow-up appointment.

Recovery time can vary. You’ll likely be given bandages and support garments to help with any swelling. You may feel exhausted and worn out after the surgery. Downtime can last for up to two weeks.

Your doctor will advise you to keep moving after the surgery to prevent blood clots. However, intense exercise isn’t recommended in the month following the procedure. Swelling can last for as long as six months, so you can expect the final product any time between 3 to 6 months after the procedure.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as the tummy tuck, is a procedure that tackles excess pockets of fat in the abdomen. Usually, this procedure is performed on men and women who are in good physical shape, but feel that they can’t achieve the flat stomach they desire. In many cases, candidates for the surgery have lost a significant amount of weight and are left with a flabby, protruding belly. It’s also a common surgery for women after they give birth.

This surgery is quite intense. Results can be dramatic and transformative, but it usually leaves a large visible scar on the bikini line. You’ll also be subject to longer recovery time after the surgery.

Why choose a tummy tuck for your beach body?

  • Get rid of bulging stomach fat and skin.
  • Sculpted, toned figure
  • Transform your silhouette.
  • Feel confident in a tight bathing suit with your new flat stomach.

About the procedure

After a consultation, you and your doctor will decide if a tummy tuck is a good option for your body type and your concerns. Most tummy tuck procedures take between two to four hours, depending on the scale of the surgery. Some patients may only require a small surgery, while for others, the procedure will be much more dramatic.

After the procedure, patients usually need to take time off work and are advised to avoid exercise. The recovery process can be difficult, so only seek out this surgery if you’re prepared to endure the weeks that follow.

Arm lift

While many women are concerned about their waist, hips, and thighs, the arms are another area of the body that can make them feel uncomfortable and insecure. As you get older, its natural for the skin to begin to sag and for the muscles in the arms to lose their toned appearance. After losing weight, the skin on the arms can appear to be significantly saggy.

If you’re overly conscious about the look of your arms, an arm lift might be the perfect procedure for you to get confidence back. This procedure tackles the under portion of the upper arm, where skin and fat can have a dangly, droopy appearance.

Why choose an arm lift for your beach body?

  • Toned, sculpted arms
  • Self-confidence in sleeveless tops and bathing suits

About the procedure

The procedure is quite a major one. You’ll begin by speaking with your doctor about whether it’s right for you or not. Most doctors will make sure you aren’t overweight, don’t have frequent changes in your weight, and don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Most procedures are done with a general anesthetic, although, in some cases, you and your doctor may choose to use a local anesthetic. The doctor will make incisions on the underneath part of the arm, and will then tighten the underlying tissue. Sometimes, liposuction will be used to remove extra fat. The skin is then stitched over the tissue, with any excess skin removed.

You may be required to wear a compression sleeve for a few days after the surgery to minimize swelling. You’ll be advised to avoid lifting your arms and engaging in physical activity. Be sure to speak to your doctor before the procedure to get a good idea of the kind of scarring you can expect from the surgery.

Buttock enhancement

Have you ever wished you could take some of that visible stomach fat and move it down to your butt? Well, you might be interested in a butt lift. Buttock enhancement, or a butt lift is an increasingly popular surgery among women, with the number of procedures doubling since 2013. This surgery promises lifted, full buttocks. Many women find their buttocks lose their shape and fullness over time. Most buttock enhancement surgeries will harvest fat from other areas of the body and move it to the buttocks.

Because this procedure uses liposuction and injection, this procedure doesn’t result in long, noticeable scars like the arm lift or the tummy tuck. Plus, this procedure doesn’t involve any implants, so you’ll be at a lower risk of infection. Instead, the butt lift will give you natural-looking results and a transformed physique.

Why choose buttock enhancement for your beach body?

  • Get the coveted hourglass shape.
  • Get a rounded seat shape that doesn’t blend in with the thighs.
  • No more saggy, flat buttocks in your bathing suit

About the procedure

At your consultation, you’ll discuss your goals, and your doctor will determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. You may even be able to see digitally enhanced images of what you may look like after the procedure.

The surgery itself involves a general anesthetic and takes around two hours. Your doctor will make incisions in the stomach or thighs to perform liposuction. You and your doctor will decide on where the extra fat will come from in your consultation. Then, this fat is injected into the buttocks, creating a fuller, rounded appearance.

Most doctors will keep you in the clinic for a few hours before you return home for the rest of your recovery. After the procedure, you’ll typically need to wait for three to four weeks before you feel totally back to normal.