3 tips when planning to open a hair salon

hair cut

There are some services which always generate demand – and haircutting is definitely one of them. However, when planning to open the business in this industry, you need to have a few things in mind.

The hairdressers don’t have to worry about jobs – in the end, everyone has their hair cut done once a few months at least. Being employed has its ups and downs – but it certainly doesn’t work for everybody.  If you are a person who likes to be their own boss, opening your business might be the right solution. It can, however, create some challenges that are difficult to face. Avoid them by thoughtful planning, investing in scheduling software, understanding the competition, and knowing the law requirements. If you stick to our tips, you are more likely to achieve quick and lasting success in the business.

#1 Be unique – offer something that the other’s don’t have

Although it may look like quite a simple tip for the very start, the uniqueness of your business offer can become a deciding factor when it comes to long-term success. There is a big competition out there, and without offering something fresh and new, it will be difficult to gain a new clientele. You need to focus on delivering diverse services in your hair or beauty salon and be in touch with all the newest trends. Read trade magazines and keep yourself informed about cosmetics and treatments. At the same time, do your market research and get to know what the competition lacks. Putting these missing services in your offer will fill the niche, which means that your hair salon will become the top place in the neighborhood.

#2 Be trustworthy – invest in scheduling software and salon management

Gaining a customer’s trust is a very important element of marketing in a hair salon. It depends mostly on keeping the dates and giving each client a customized service. However, it’s obviously not possible to remember all the cases and customers you have taken care of in the last weeks or even days. Hair and beauty salon software makes it possible by safely keeping the customer’s data. This way you can always look up the history of their treatments and make them feel at home! Scheduling software allows you also to keep all the dates in order. Mistakes are human, and it’s normal that they happen – but you can almost entirely reduce their risk by using this kind of integrated system. Check https://www.versum.com/m/blog/marketing-hairdressing-salon/

#3 Be accessible – use salon scheduling software and various channels of communication

Nothing frustrates as much as trying to schedule an appointment at a beauty or hair salon and having to abandon your efforts because the place is unavailable. The client who got interested in your offer but didn’t manage to contact you will not likely try again. That’s why being accessible is such a crucial factor for your business. It helps to develop a bond with the customer and raise your reliability. Use a phone, popular internet communicators and social media to contact your clients. It’s also worth to allow the customers to book their appointments through various channels, including the Internet. To make it possible, you will need a salon scheduling software by Versum, a leader of the innovative solutions for hair and beauty salons. Its system is integrated with the company’s website – the client can book directly through this channel. The software allows to avoid overbookings and keep better control over the schedule. It can be accessed not only by a hair or beauty salon manager but also by other employees.

Happy with the tips? Now it’s time to start planning your business!