3 Secret Weapons in Fighting Acne

Acne is a common skin condition that’s mainly found in post-adolescent teens, with boys being the most affected with the disease’s severity. The condition is known to be caused by several factors including;

·      Bacteria – Propionibacterium acnes is known to cause pimples. However, the severity of the infection depends on the bacteria’s strain.

·      Genetics – family history plays a role in acne occurrence where, if both parents developed the infection, you will also have it.

·      Sebum overproduction – hair follicle blockage leads to the deposition of sebum-transported dead cells under the skin. This clumping together of sebum, skin cells, and hair form a plug, which can be infected by a bacteria and result in swelling.

·      Hormonal changes – during adolescence, there is a rise in androgen hormone, which in women is converted into estrogen. These rising androgen levels lead to skin growth and more sebum production, which in the end, breaks down cellular walls in the pores.

·      Age – the ailment is common with teenagers.

Besides the many factors causing the disease, there are many types of acne, which require different curative approaches. This makes fighting the ailment challenging, but that shouldn’t worry you as we’ve got you covered.

Use of CBD Oil in Curbing Acne Development

Many people have opted for natural and pharmaceutical drugs in acne treatment, but the options always flaw due to these products’ multiple side-effects and low efficiency. However, CBD derivatives have found use in the process due to their ability to stop excess skin oil build up.

But before we get started, it’s important to help you understand what CBD oils entail and to begin with; these are hemp or cannabis-derived oils. The products are known to contain unique medical benefits, including pain relief and cancer symptoms reduction. According to CBD Kyro, the difference between CBD-derivatives and marijuana is the way CBDs contain less than 0.3% of THC, a compound associated with “getting high” after cannabis abuse.

Top 3 CBD Derivatives Used in Acne Treatment

Before we get into how CBD derivatives work in curbing acne, it is vital to check some of the accessible options. Read on to investigate which one suits you best.

CBD Topicals

Even though there are multiple ways through which CBDs can get into your body, should your aim be fighting acne, topicals are the most recommended options. The products include balms and creams of different CBD strengths.

CBD oil’s high permeability makes these creams and balms work like a charm. When applied on the skin surface, the compounds find their way into the sebaceous glands. More to the reasons why you need to consider topicals as your number one acne-fighting treatment is because the oils also contain essential amino acids.

CBD Capsules

Not highly effective in acne treatment, but they bind with neurotransmitters for the desired effect. One of the products’ unmatched benefits is the accessibility of purely organic vegetarian capsules. Lastly, pills vary in strength, and their effect lasts up to 8 hours.

CBD Edibles

The option is highly recommended to those who might not like CBD oil tastes. Luckily enough, the many accessible forms in food, drinks, and snacks might work beyond imagination. CBD edibles are known to cause up to 8 hours of effects after taking a precise dose.

That said, the blog’s main aim is to cover CBD topicals in acne treatment, which brings us to the next section.

How Do CBD Oils Work in Fighting Acne

Cannabidiol is highly multifunctional as its source. According to research, the oils have anti-acne actions including;

·      Inhibiting the lipogenic effect of endocannabinoids. This action is likened to a dose-dependent way of regulating sebum production.

·      Showing remarkable anti-bacterial effects, thus eliminating the chance of bacterial-caused acnes.

·      Possessing anti-inflammatory effects. This is highly effective in preventing acne agents from raising inflammatory cytokine levels.

That said, research on La Clinica Terapeutica has approved the benefits of CBD oils in curing acne scars, and applying the products at least twice a day for 3 months brought about incredible results. Cell-changing and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oils were responsible for instigating these positive changes.

CBD Oil Benefit on Body Acne

Many people mainly concentrate on facial acne and fail to make a considerable effort in treating body acne. Surprisingly, the rest of the body, area around the neck, the back, chest, and shoulders have the highest number of sebaceous glands.

Luckily enough, CBD oil is at your aid by reducing sebum excretion and fighting the bacteria that gather at the site of infection. The result is reduced inflammation chances and hence reduced occurrence of acne.

So, Is That All for CBD Oil in Skin Care

Well, CBD oils’ ability to directly or indirectly interact with the skin makes them have other unmatched body benefits. Likewise, their ability to alter body and brain signals are essential in;

·      Reducing anxiety

·      Dealing with skin dryness

·      Providing relieve on itchy skins

·      Reducing dermatitis

Tips to Follow When Purchasing Acne Products

According to research on Jama Network, about 26% of CBD products contain a misleading constituent list. This makes checking for the item’s ingredients a must before buying, even though you might not be 100% sure if those are right. However, other treatments that work ideally for the different types of acne are listed below;

·      Ideal proportions of salicylic acid – suitable for whiteheads

·      Appropriate proportions of benzoyl peroxide – proper for inflammatory acne

·      A perfect blend of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide – ideal for hormonal acne

·      An ideal blend of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and 1 percent hydrocortisone cream – suitable for blind pimples

Wrap Up

The reason behind the challenging acne treatment is the different types of ailments requiring specific products. For instance, curing cystic acne with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products rarely works.

You will need to consider cortisone injection or oral medication. However, thanks to CBD oils’ multifunctional effects, you do not have to worry much about the type of acne you want to treat before purchasing the products.

The items are well-known to treat acne scars and body acnes. However, research is still underway to help understand the amount of product that can bring a positive effect without entering the bloodstream. All in all, Cannabidiol as an anti-acne treatment remains unprecedented in terms of effectiveness and safety.