All reasons For Flat Chested Women to Feel Lucky

Flat Chested Women

In females, puberty brings several changes. One of the first changes is growing of her breasts. Other changes include getting periods, more hair under arms and in the pubic area. In addition, her body grows faster during puberty.

However, there are females in whom breast do not develop much, and she remains without much or any palpable breast tissues. In other words, she remains flat chested. Such females do get periods and also show other signs of puberty like growth spurts, pubic hairs and get regular periods. In addition, they typically have swollen nipples but her breasts do not grow properly. The hormone level in such female is fine, she has well developed milk glands, and when she give birth, she can breastfeed her baby. Then why her breasts remain flat?

Why Some Females Are Flat Chested

Lactation experts and doctors tried to figure out the cause, but unfortunately, the exact reason behind why some women have very tiny tits is unknown. However, one of the suggested theory is maybe the breast tissues in flat chested women is insensitive to circulating hormones.

In my practice as a nutritionist and a homeopathic counsellor, I have found that teenage girls are much more anxious regarding the growth of their breast. It is essential that they should acknowledge the fact that their breasts are still under ?the developing phase?. The rate of growth and development of every female differs depending on heredity and nutrition so maybe it is too early to consider that you have underdeveloped breasts.

In addition, boobs of many teenage girls today lack fatness because of her love to stay slim that persuade her to diet a lot.  If you have a skinny body, you will not even have fat in your boobs.

Anyway, whatever the reason behind, most of the flat chested females at some point in her life, dissatisfied with her body shape asks ?Am I Normal”?

First, let me tell you that if you show all other signs of puberty, and if your hormones are balanced, you are normal and healthy. Secondly, many females out there are nearly or completely flat chested but most of them wear a padded bra, and this is why you are unaware of this fact.

One fact to keep in mind is that flat chested women usually have swollen and more prominent nipples. If not and if you are 16 and still you do not have your periods may be it is delayed puberty or hormonal disorder, so better consult your doctor.

Do Men Find Flat Chested women Attractive

Every man has a different preference and choices. Not every man is obsessed with big and bouncy breasts. Fat-less boobs of a female may not appeal to some men, but others may find it attractive and sexy. Always remember there is nothing like correct body type and for all body type female, there are men out to get attracted and love her for whatever she has. Most of the times, it is about how individual dysfunctions and neuroses complement each other and turns into attraction.  So, love your body because you have the attitude; you have style and you are unique. Do not lose your captivating smile. Do not be self-conscious instead shine with confidence.

To help you except and deal with smaller chest remember two points:

Embrace the benefits of being flat chested women and feel yourself lucky

If you cannot love yourself, do not expect others to love you. Embrace whatever you are gifted with. Remember, there are many busty females who are not happy with their boob size and wish to be at your place. Below are benefits of being flat chested. Have a read and feel yourself lucky.

10 Perks of Being Flat Chested Female

  1. You do not have to wear a bra every time – A female needs a bra to support her busty boobs. If a female with busty boobs does not wear a bra, it is noticeable. But a female with small boobs can even escape wearing a bra, and believe me, it is airy, sweat-free, and comfortable, especially during summers. The best part is that you never need to wear a bra with wires that make a female sweat a lot. If you are a flat-chested female just jump right out of your bed, put on a sweatshirt, and step out of your home without being noticed by anyone. Enjoy the freedom. Also let me bring this point to your notice that a French study has found wearing bra makes breast to sag more with the time and not less.
  2. Your boobs will never sag – No matter how much a busty female works out to keep her breasts firm, larger boobs sag over time as she ages. On the other hand, small boobs stay attractive because age is less likely affect them. In addition, a busty female must wear a bra. The destructive materials of the bra prevent the breast tissue from growing and speed up the process of sagging. But, for a female with small boobs wearing a bra is not a compulsion, so her breasts remain firm for long.
  3. More pleasure on the bed: Small boobs have less fatty tissues; thus, they are easily stimulated during foreplay. A study conducted by researchers of the University of Vienna found that small breasts are less sensitive than large breasts. So more sensitivity, more simulation, more fun. Enjoy intimacy.
  4. You can wear your favourite low cut top without feeling uncomfortable?-? Many females are not comfortable showing their cleavage and so they cannot wear low cut tops. But being flat chested you can wear? your favourite low cut top without? showing your cleavage. Seriously you will feel grateful for being flat chested on seeing busty females pulling their shirts again and again to hide their cleavage.
  5. Physical activities are easy – Work out is easy with the small chest as your bust does not come in the way. If you have small breasts, you can wear a sports bra and ensure that you are secured and comfortable when working out or going out for a run. Females with bigger breasts complain of their boobs flopping all around when they are working out or running.?
  6. Sleeping comfortably:?Females with small boobs can even sleep on their stomach comfortably. If a busty female sleeps on the stomach, her breasts get pressed against the mattress for long hours and cause strain to her lower back. But, if you are flat-chested, you can sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach is comfortable and improves lungs capacity and function.
  7. You have a better posture – Bigger boobs put pressure on the back. Females with large breasts experience back pain, and due to the front weight, their body is bent down. On the other hand, the flat-chested female has a better poster because the front weight does not weigh their body down.
  8. You can easily find clothes that fit you – You do not need to worry about being unable to close the buttons of your blouse if you are flat-chested as clothes fit you easily. Females with a big bust are not as lucky as certain tops do not fit them, and it is tough to button a blouse. But you can select tops with cut-outs, strapless, and other exciting details.
  9. Breast exams are easy – Tiny boobs have less fat and fewer layers to feel through thus easily detects lump in self-exams.

Appreciate other body areas

Boob size does not define your beauty or hotness. You may have great bums, long legs, beautiful legs or a sexy smile. Not just this appreciate your qualities like your sense of humour r being great listener that attract people towards you. We all have areas of mind and body that is loved and appreciated.

Dressing Tips for Flat Chested Women

Choose dresses that custom fits your body and are more flattering. Make sure what you wear is not too tight or restrictive but snug. Avoid tops and dresses that draw unnecessary attention as it sits weirdly on your chest. 

Wearing tops with ruching, leading, pockets, frills, ruffles, zippers and beading makes your chest look big. You can wear a top with skirts or pants in solid print with an understated bottom.

Wear high collar tops or dresses with plunging necklines.

To create the illusion of bigger breast and make your body appear curvier go for tops with horizontal stripes pairing them with solid pants.

You can wear dresses such as tank tops or sleeveless dresses that show your arms that will draw the attention away from your boobs and highlight your arms. Pair them with modest bottoms rather than a short skirt. To highlight your round and sexy bum wear high waist pants.

If you have, sexy legs wear mini or shorts pairing with heels or strappy shoes to draw attention to the lower half. Wear modest tops to look classy.

Adding a neckpiece that stands out will help to draw attention to your chest. Better, pick jewellery with lots of colours bits of binges and large arms. You can even layer neckpieces.

You can choose wearing push up bra and little padded bra if you want yourself to appear little curvy but make sure not to overstuff and make sure breast size looks same every day.

Flat Chested Celebrities Who Are Too Hot to Handle

To boost your confidence, let me introduce you to celebrities rocking being flat chested or with tiny tits. The list is quite big, but a few names are Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Rihana, Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Moss, Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Mila Kunis, Cameron D, Maggie Q, Katie Holmes, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner, Charlize Theron and Agyness Deyn.

Men find them super-hot even with their nearly or complete flat chest. If they can rock, why can’t you?

If they can flaunt their body with class why can’t you?

Their tiny boobs never limit their sex appeal then why will yours?

They use their asset well and sometimes even go bra-less and show off their slim frame and small cleavage.  They never needed big boobs and have nothing to do with their cup size.

As it is said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is a little complicated to describe because what might seem flaw to one may be gorgeous attribute to others. So stay healthy, be comfortable, dress well and never lose your smile because you are unique and special