2 Ways to Add Volume to Thin Hair with a Crimper

Add Volume to Thin Hair

Is your hair flat and lifeless? Do you feel envious every time you see bouncy and voluminous hair on someone else? Well, what if we tell you that you can put more oomph in your hairstyle too?!

It is a double-edged sword to have thin hair. On the one hand, it does not offer the thickness and volume that we hope for, and on the other hand, it ends up looking dirty from all the build-up when we try to improve it with any products. Since it’s not a choice to grow more hair follicles, what should a thin-haired girl do?

Here comes the best solution to add volume to your thin haira crimper machine for hair. You read that right-a brilliant hack for ‘faking’ hair volume. Crimping made a comeback from the 80s style and is trending worldwide.

However, one must first buy the proper crimper machine for hair. There are brands like Vega that offer the best hair crimpers.

Here are somethings to keep in mind while buying a hair crimper:

  • Check the Plates of the Crimper Machine for Hair

For regularuse, buy a hair crimper with ceramic plates. A hair crimper can be purchased with either ceramic or metal plates. Opt for a ceramic model if you intend to use this styling product regularly. This form of crimper will cost more, but it will cause less hair damage than one with metal plates.It will also help to control frizz.

  • Check Adjustable Temperature

Choose a hair crimper machine for hair with adjustable temperature settings. To avoid harm, thin hair should be crimped at a lower temperature than thick hair, so try not to buy a crimper with only one temperature setting. Select a model with customizable temperature settings and several temperature choices.

Now that we have understood what kind of crimper machine for hair is the best, here are some tips on adding volume to your hair.

  • Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair and dry it. Crimping works best on clean hair. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that volumizes. Let your hair air dry or blow-dry it completely as wet hair won’t fit your hair crimper. It could cause damage to your hair follicles by using a heated crimping iron on wet hair.

  • Apply Heat Protectant or Styling Product

Apply a dime-sized volume of anti-frizzing serum if you are prone to frizzy hair. Next, mist all over your hair with a volumizing styling spray. If it has a thickening substance in it, the hair can keep a crimp longer.

For several seconds, blast your hair with a blow dryer to secure the producton it.

Consider adding a moisturizing product such as argan oil to the ends of your hairto protect from heat damage.Another smartthing to dois to apply a heat protectant spray all over your hair.

  • Start Crimping Machine for Hair

Plug in the crimper for your hair and let it heat up. Find an outlet to plug your hair crimper near a mirror, probably in your bathroom. Choose the medium heat temperature, which will effectively crimp your hair without burning your scalp. Let it heat up for 3-5 minutes.

Remember that the greater the heat setting, the more efficient the styling is going to be. High heat settings, however, also cause your hair to suffer more damage. It can take some trial and error over several uses to find the amount of heat necessary for your hair type.

Normal Crimping

  • Crimp hair for 3-5 seconds in sections of 1 inch (2.5 cm) or 2 inches (5.1 cm) each. Take a portion of hair at the bottom and gently clamp the crimper down with the other hand, beginning at the roots.
  • Without burning it, get as close to your scalp as possible. Keep down for 5 seconds and release the clamp after that. It may be better to operate in quadrants if you have long or thick hair.
  • To build two parts, break your hair down the middle from your forehead to your collar.
  • Part it from ear to ear again around the back of your head to create four sections.
  • Use clips to section your hair so that it becomes easy to crimp them properly.
  • For a uniform appearance, continue crimping down the length of your hair. On the next line, slide the tool down the length of your hair and clamp down. Overlap the crimper’s barrel over the last kink that you made. This will keep the waves from developingany gaps.Continue until you have the whole segment crimped.
  • Sporadic Pattern Crimping
  • Crimp hair for a more natural appearance, in an irregular pattern.
  • To get a more relaxed look, apply the crimper to various parts of your hair sparingly. Vary the pattern, leaving some parts uncrimped.
  •  Shake your hair for a carefree, beach look after you’re done.

If you think 80s fashion is pass, you’re wrong-because crimped hair is back in town, and it looks better than before! Just as ripped tights, long hoops, bulky tops, and high-rise jeans have made a comeback, crimped hair is here to stay too.