Women’s Best Friends In 2020


It is true what they say, that accessories truly transform and complete a look. Even though 2020 has been plagued by the pandemic, it has stopped neither the momentum of new fashionable trends nor the persistence of classic ones. Fashion accessories can give us a little boost when we start our day as we tide these hard times together, so here is a list of the top accessories of 2020 for you to decide if they’re going to be new additions to your wardrobe or not. And for the most reliable reviews on this year’s must-haves, be sure to check out SimplyBestOf.com.

Bags of 2020

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags have always been a strong classic. Not only are they practical with their roomy interiors, but they also don’t seem to ever go out of style! They used to come in traditionally modest shades of white, gray, and black, but nowadays you can see people sporting them in refreshing new pastel colors that really catch the eye!

Soft Clutches

The soaring popularity of the slouchy soft clutch as the unexpected underdog was shocking, especially in a year that seemed to be reigned by structured totes. It was designed by Bottega Veneta to look and feel comforting, reminding everyone of their endeared security blankets. They seamlessly fit with any style, from casual to formal, just when you feel like looking like you didn’t try too hard but still managed to look fetching. It’s also highly practical with what items it can hold due to its flexible shape.

Bag with Mini Pouches

With how the luxury brands have hopped onto the bandwagon of attaching little pouches with their bags, everyone seems to be loving the idea of having an extra compartment to store our small valuables! People have used it to store lipstick, small wads of cash, transport cards, and more. A valuable addition that also looks cute, what’s not to like about this new trendy accessory?

Multi-colored Bags

Make your outfit more exciting by sporting a multi-colored bag that is now coming with various color blocks! It adds color and personality to basic outfits and can make even the boldest outfits bolder. Express yourself with the big range of designs available on the market!

Kicks of 2020

Chunky Boot

In regions where temperatures are dropping, keeping our feet warm and toasty is important. Chunky boots are proving to be an autumn and winter essential in 2020. They come with rubber bottoms for a good grip and low heels for comfort, pairing well with many kinds of outfits thanks to their simple but sharp appearances whether new or worn. They add a masculine charm to the overall look and give others the impression that you have a strong personality.

Strappy Sandals with Squared Toes

We’ve all seen shoes with pointy toes and ones with rounded toes. Squared toe shoes definitely stand out with their unique shape and ability to make the wearer’s legs look longer and more shapely. Squared toes on strappy sandals are even more chic, complementing outdoor and even evening dresses. Consider pairing dark-squared toe strappy sandals with dark stockings for a fantastic evening look, or beige ones with an outdoor dress for a preppy one during warm seasons!

Other Miscellaneous Accessory Trends

Large Chain Necklaces

Large chain necklaces don’t just come in clunky designs now, but also elegantly strung big statement pieces! They bring attention to our necks and decorate them wonderfully, either bringing together an outfit or making their own twists of it. They’re accessorized in so many ways, from making business blazers more informal to making sweet dresses more punk, make your own innovative twist with these large chain necklaces!

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have been very much loved in 2020. They sit comfortably on our heads, prevent UV damage on our skin, and remain a basic favorite today. The brim of the hat rests above the eyes, completing outfits that aim to look as effortless as it. They come in different colors, patterns, and designs, so we understand that it’s kind of hard to not start a bucket hat collection!

Wide Waist Belts

Why hide the little belly fat that forms after you’ve had a full meal at a restaurant when you have these wide waist belts? They give you a shapely hourglass figure and can complement a wide range of outfits from dresses to casual formal outfits. They also act as color blocks, adding more design to your overall look. You’ll be sure to always look sharp with these timeless babies.

Padded Headbands

Padded headbands have always been a thing, but they’ve recently trended again because of how Prada brought them back. They can make the wearer look sweet and well put together, and come in various shades. Some come with classy velvet padding, and some bedazzled like a little tiara. We are so excited to see how you would pair this with your outfits!

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings always manage to make the wearer look chic and classy, no matter the color or size! They come in so many innovative designs today we just can’t keep count! You have the classic simple metal hoops, to the bold statement pieces that can come decorated with jewels, stars, pearls, and other ‘toppings’. We love watching ladies strut their stuff while their eye-catching hoops swing along to their steps, so these flattering accessories are a must-have!

Sunglasses with Colored Frames

These sunglasses with colored frames complete any summer look and are sure to make your Instagram feed look more lively! They add fun and vibrancy to the first impressions of you, so have them complement an outfit that reflects an exciting vibe as well! Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Drake, and Billie Eilish have been seen sporting these colorful shades even on red carpets, and we love how each color choice says something unique about each of them!


Accessories are an easy and affordable way to complete and glam up your look. Some of them can be practical and others can be purely for show. Human creativity never fails to get us excited, and we’re eager to see what trends 2021 will bring next!