Ways to Help Your Employees Spend More Time With Family

Time With Family

Given how demanding work can be, itís difficult for some employees to spend time with their family. Even at home, they have no choice but to keep working. Otherwise, they will not finish their tasks on time. Their kids grow up not feeling the love and care from their parents.

You donít want your employees to have that kind of family in the same way that you donít want your family to feel the same. You need to create an atmosphere where your employees stay productive, but still have the chance to bond with the people they love. If you value your family, your employees also feel the same way.

Therefore, itís imperative for you to come up with ways to help your employees spend time with their loved ones.

Host a funfair

You can have a funfair for a day. You can use it as a way to celebrate a milestone. Ask your employees to bring their family members on that day. It’s a relaxing day where everyone is outside the regular office setting. A funfair is only an example of an activity that you can host where family members can join. You can also have field trips and retreats where you open some slots for families to come. In doing so, you guarantee that your employees won’t only devote their time to work. You can check out the best fairground rides for hire for help in this endeavour.

Create a small daycare centre

Some parents have a hard time deciding where to leave their babies and toddlers. Since they’re not yet of school age, parents have no choice but to look for a babysitter or leave the kids in a daycare centre. Instead of letting them make that hard decision, you could come up with a small day care centre at work. Parents can drop off their kids there and check on them any time they want.

Donít plan anything for weekends

You already took a lot of time away from families on weekdays. Even at night, some of your employees keep working even if they could use that time to bond with their children. Therefore, it would be too much to ask if you make them work at the weekend. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or which deadline you need to meet. You can’t force everyone to work weekends. Those two days are the only days where every family member is at home. You don’t want to deprive your employees of that opportunity.

Be lenient

You might be too strict in declining requests for leave because you worry that it could affect productivity. To begin with, your employees have a right to take leave. As long as your employee can promise to deliver on time, you don’t have any reason to decline the request. Try to change the culture at work. Employees need to work to provide for their families, but not in a way that it sacrifices time with the people they love.