Unique Ways to Be Intimate With Your Partner

Intimate with your partner

Intimacy in a relationship goes far beyond sexual intercourse. For couples who want a deeper connection, there are a number of activities and toys you can use to amplify your passion. You want to be comfortable with your partner, which can lead to a more exciting sex life.

Letting your mind explore different possibilities can help bring you and your partner together, especially discussing something you never thought to try. If you think you might be stuck in a rut, there is no need to get frustrated. Here are some different and unique ways to be intimate with your partner.


Perhaps youíve found yourself in the same routine and need to shake things up in your sex life. Toys can be a great investment not only for yourself, but for your partner too. These toys are a billion dollar market and can come in a variety of objects, colors, and price ranges.

If youíre just starting out, you should purchase a vibrator thatís designed for both men and women, so you can use it alone or together. Nearly 75 percent of women are unable to orgasm from sexual intercourse alone. Such toys are created to increase the intensity of a womanís climax.

More adventurous couples can go high-tech in the bedroom by purchasing an artificially intelligent robot or sex doll from California Dolls. This will give you and your partner the illusion of enjoying the company of another person without feeling invaded by an actual human. If youíre interested in something a bit more daring, you can buy some playful handcuffs or even a feather to find erogenous areas you never knew you had.

Always use a safe word when new toys or objects are being used. Letting go and giving your partner full control can be daunting. Trusting in each other, especially when using toys is important to maintain intimacy and during everyday relationships.


The number of working couples has risen since the Ď50s with both parents having to supply income for their family. You or your partner may be traveling for work and feel you are missing out on that closeness you have when physically together. Busy lives can at times interfere in an intimate relationship, however, you can turn to your tablet or smartphone to help you stay close.

Sexting or participating in sexually explicit phone calls can help you fulfill each otherís needs from far away. Explaining your fantasies through texts or emails can help build up the excitement. You may also want to ask what your partner likes to be sure no lines are crossed during messaging. Talking it out can help bring you together on a personal level. Flirting in a text message may come more natural to you than in person.

Tantric Sex and Adult Films

Watching sexy movies together can open you up to a variety of new hidden passions you didnít you had. Choose a genre you both find alluring or even something you may not have thought to try. You might find new positions and even topics that may lead to interesting role playing.

If you arenít a fan of watching others have all the fun, there are books and websites that have erotica stories. Some stories you can read together out loud listen to as audio files.  If you are feeling creative, you can even dabble in some writing some yourself with you and your partner as the starring roles.

If you are into yoga, you can look into trying tantric sex which is physically and spiritually connecting with your partner. You can find a teacher who will help you explore this option. Pick a spot in your home specifically for this time together including music you both enjoy.

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