The Ultimate Present for your Geeky Friend

Buying presents for anyone can be tricky. A great present happens to come from someone who knows you well. However, the real difficulty is buying a gift for the geeky friend of yours who is into science fiction, books and fantasy worlds created by the books they read! We all love our geek friends in spite of their choices, or you just may be one yourself.

Shopping for your geeky friends could be tricky, but also fun. If you have the right list of things that you can purchase for them, you know just what to get them. The list includes tech gadgets, science fiction fun and other gifts that can turn even into a geek! To successfully be able to find a gift for a nerd, you must know what makes them tick. The list below has a lot of mind-blowingly cool stuff that will make for the perfect gift.

1.     Bobble Heads

Bobble heads make for a cool gift that can be used to play with, or you can perch it upon as a new showpiece. The thing you need to know here is the obsession that this geeky friend of yours has. The bobble heads range from their favourite President to their fictional characters like a Groot Bobble-Head. It will probably just be another addition to the already growing collection of their interest.

2.     Enamel Pins

An enamel pin is something that is tucked on the bag to show your love and allegiance to the fictional characters or stories they love. A geek can never have one of them. It would never be enough! They love decorating their bags and showing them off to the world. They are available showcasing a lot of stories and characters like from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or any of the other Geeky stories and fantasies they read.

3.     Super Mario Themed Gifts

For all your Super Mario geek friends, you can gift them a Super Mario themed chess set which comes with a complete with a bright board and super-detailed figurines to get your imaginations in play. You can also get the Super Mario Brothers magnet set which can turn their fridge into a new level on Super Mario every goddamn day!

4.     Coffee Mugs

You can gift them the regular coffee cups BUT, you can tweak this gift by actually converting the regular cups into something of their choice. The cups can now be customized, for example, the Darth Vader Coffee Mug. Or, you can gift them the camera lens coffee mug, which is refreshing in an altogether different way. Take your pick basis their favourite addiction, and you are good to go!

5.     A cookbook

Yes, when you hear it, think about it, consider it, it sounds lame, but we aren’t talking about the quintessential cookbook, but a cookbook full of real recipes picked from their favourite shows and fantasy worlds! For all Harry Potter fans, there is a collection of recipes that of all of the most delicious things created in Rowling’s magical universe of Magic. There’s the treacle Tart (Harry’s favourite dessert), Molly’s Meat Pies (Mrs. Weasley’s classic dish) and even Kreacher’s French Onion Soup. There is the Geeky Chef Cookbook: Real-Life Recipes for Your Favorite Fantasy Foods that includes the Romulan Ale or Pumpkin pasties.

6.     Aww-some Dobby Socks

Dobby is all of our favourite characters from Harry Potter, and most of us cried more than a tear when he died in the movie franchise. So a Harry Potter would love and treasure a pair of Dobby socks most for remembrance and some as part of their already growing collection. These socks really are a homage to Dobby and will make any Harry Potter fan cry.

7.     Star Trek Cufflinks

Star Trek fans love every bit of it and anything that is even remotely associated with it. A pair of shiny cufflinks that are available in two styles of replica U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and original series communicator badge. Wearing these cufflinks are a stylish way of showing your love of star trek and look great for any special occasion.

8.     Klingon Monopoly

 A game that is a fusion of your favourite show and your favourite game cannot get any better! The game contains cards that are bilingual so that even a non-Star Trek fan can enjoy the game. The spin of a show being incorporated within the game is everything that is needed for a complete Monopoly game with a Star Trek theme.

9.     Pajamas

Every nerd has a favourite show or character of which they would love to own a pair of pajamas. They come depicting a variety of personalities and shows as you want and you can even design it as per your choice now! The popular ones are the Batman or Spiderman depicting pajamas or Sheldon Cooper’s Bazinga Pajama pants. The pants are comfortable and are made of 100% cotton. They also have his trademark ‘Bazinga!’ printed on them!

10. Prescription Flask

A Prescription Flask comes with a complete look of being prescribed by the doctor so you can use it anywhere you want without the added guilt. You can add your favourite drink or beverage in it and start using it right away! It can be filled up to 7 ounces of any juice.


There are so much more gifts available in the market than the ones mentioned above. There is the Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet, Manga Drawing Book, and Sherlock inspired goodies, Funko Pops even soaps and sweaters that can come customized as per your choice.

All you need to do is find your geeky friend’s obsession and find the best gift available in them. A customized gift has the power to bring that smile on their face, and they will surely treasure and keep them among their other collectibles. Find out their obsession and purchase it soon to gift your friend- occasion or not! As they say, you don’t need a reason or occasion to gift someone.