The Brand New of Silicone Sex Dolls

silicone sex dolls

Sex dolls are human-like toys used to generate or enhance sexual functions and pleasure. Nowadays they are called love partners or love dolls owing to their increasing significance.

When you have decided to buy a love doll the very first question that comes into your mind is the selection of the material of the toy. Silicone and TPE (thermoplastic Elastomers) sex dolls are available in the markets. Both of these types of sex dolls have different features. For example, silicone sex dolls are temperature resistant while the TPE sex dolls are temperature sensitive.

Who are we?

         USBBdoll/CST is a Chinese based highly professional silicone sex doll manufacturing brand. Being the global leader, our mission is to provide the customers with the best quality silicone sex dolls at a competitive price. Although silicone sex dolls are expensive, their high-quality stuff is even more significant.

       USBBdoll has the world’s topmost experienced workers who provide handmade best sex dolls keeping in view the international standards. We provide the customers with the best quality doll that is fit for the price of the doll.

      To ensure the user’s experience and to maintain our quality standards, we have made many significant improvements in the skeleton, skin material, moving joints, and other private parts of the dolls. All the sex dolls in our brand are made of silicone. Moreover, they are lightweight to be carried out easily anywhere by the customer.

     Being the world’s famous brand for its quality, the UBD maintains its customer services relationships and provides the rare facility of lifetime support that seems to be invisible in any other brand. We think that our customers should get the same high-quality object as they pay a high price for it.

What types of dolls are in our store?

 We have designed various types of sex dolls according to their key features that attract customers of various regions and races. These types are as follows;

West Silicone Sex Dolls

West silicone dolls are for the choice of the customers who desire to have sex with western beauty. This type of doll has round eyes, a thin body, light skin, narrow faces, and small noses that are the key features of western beauty.

Asia Silicone Sex Dolls

Asia silicone sex dolls are also available in our stores for customers who want Asian beauty. Asian sex dolls have featured small faces, V-line, double eyelids, pale skin, and sharp noses. They reflect the body and facial appearance of Asian women.

Single Silicone Head

Our brand also provides a variety of single silicone heads. They can be customized. By that means, you can choose whatever the color or eyes of the face. Isn’t it amazing to get your desired type of face and beauty?

What advantages do our dolls have?

We provide our customers with high-quality silicone sex dolls that have unique advantages.

Physical sexual experience

Our quality dolls provide a more physical-like sexual experience with a real woman. Customer attains full delight with sex dolls by the physical sex as compared to masturbation. If you are tired of masturbation or looking for some real beauty, try our dolls. You would never feel disappointed.

Easy accessible

Dolls are easily accessible to customers. Just choose your doll and hit us with an order. You will get your sex doll at your home. Isn’t great for you?

Various sex positions

 We provide easily stretchable sex dolls that can be made to turn in any position. Their joints are elastic in such a way as to make any sex position easily. In this way, you can enjoy many sex positions with sex dolls and gain experience in various positions.

Competitive price

People regard silicone sex dolls to be expensive and harder compared to TPE dolls. We can not deny this fact but this is no longer a problem when you have CST/BBdoll.

Our brand provides products at a competitive price that are matchable with the high quality of the content used in the creation of the sex dolls. the high price of the dolls is due to their expensive constituting parts.

High Quality

The high quality of the sex dolls is the identification and fame of our brand worldwide. The high-quality silicone sex dolls are expensive as compared to TPE but provide the key features that are long-lasting and resistant to damage.

Temperature resistant

 Silicone sex dolls provide more resistance to the damaging effects of more high or low temperatures that can affect the skin of the dolls. They are not melted or shrank in response to tolerable high or low temperatures respectively. This feature makes our high-quality brand a world leader in manufacturers of sex dolls.

Easily Cleanable

The silicone sex dolls can easily be cleaned as they have no porous body problems as compared to TPE dolls.

Why should you choose us?

The reason for choosing is simple as our high-quality products and customer friendly services are our fame throughout the world. Here is why you should choose our brand.

Reasonable Price:

Our competitive pricing is reasonable with the high quality of sex dolls. You don’t have to worry about the fact that dolls are expensive. We have special silicone dolls that are available at reasonable prices.

Full Customer Support:

If you have any issues with the product, let us know to resolve the issue. Our team is quite active and resolves the issue within no time. Just hit us a call and let us know your concerns. We are always there for you.

Safe and Secure Payment:

You might think about scams or something like that. It is quite common. But, when you work with us, this is no longer an issue.

Safe and secure method of your orders. We have a highly-skilled method to keep customers’ information safe.

       Variety of Dolls collection:

We have all that you want. No matter you need western beauty or love Asian girls. Our huge collections of sex dolls can be your choice. I promise youll find the best sex dolls at a reasonable price on usbbdoll.com.