The best sex toys for when youíre single, coupled-up, or anything in between!

best sex toys

The benefits of sex toys are well-known amongst those who use them: whether youíre single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, sex toys help us orgasm more easily, help us understand our bodies better, and can positively contribute to our overall wellbeing.

That being said, there exists nonetheless a certain stigma about the use of sex toys: How many of us could freely admit that we were late to a gathering because we got caught up under the sheets with our new bullet vibrator? While some of us would have no problem being candid about our tardiness, others would be mortified to know that their loved ones were aware of their sex toy use.

But why this stigma? Sex toys can positively contribute to any healthy sex life, whether youíre single or in a relationship, and itís time to normalize using them. Weíve curated an extensive list of the best toys for any stage in your romantic life. Try sex toys and find your new buzzy (or rumbly!) best friend.

Best Sex Toys for Singles

Wand massagers

Typically quite bulky, wand massagers offer super powerful vibrations and are designed for use on the external body. These wands are best for solo use as they can be quite large, and might be quite difficult to use during penetrative sex. Use your wand to stimulate the clitoris, as well as any other erogenous zones on your body.


Fleshlights and male masturbators are the best sex toys for single men, especially those missing the magic of penetrative sex! Fleshlights simulate the real feel of vaginal penetration, and these sex toys are ideal for use when youíre single. Fleshlights are mostly single-function, meaning that a partner probably wouldnít get much from watching you use one – except perhaps those who are into voyeurism!

Prostate Massagers

While prostate massagers can technically be used with a partner (for example, to upgrade oral sex) it might be useful to try one out alone, to give you time to get to grips with the sensation. Going solo also gives you the time to locate your P-spot, and enjoy the intense sensations of prostate stimulation without any pressure to perform or orgasm fast.

Clit sucker

Clit suckers are some of the most common sex toys on the market amongst women, and itís not hard to see why! Clit suckers – or air suction vibrators – are able to use innovative, expert technology to stimulate the clitoris without touching it – the air massages the clit and simulates the feeling of oral sex. If you love a bit of oral but youíre currently off the market, a clit sucker is ideal for you.

Best Sex Toys for Dating

While you might feel reluctant about whipping out some toys during sex with a dating partner, itís an effective way to demonstrate your sexual openness, as well as show that your pleasure is important. Itís not recommended to share sex toys internally with dating partners, as this can spread infection – so all toys recommended here are for external use only.

Bullet vibrator

Bullet vibrators are a great way to enhance oral, masturbation, or penetrative sex with a dating partner. Bullet vibrators are mostly designed for the external body, so you can stimulate yourself and your partner by running the bullet vibe all over each otherís erogenous zones.


Add a bit of spice to your play with a fun blindfold. If your partner is open to the idea, why not [consensually] blindfold them while you perform oral sex? Or, to ramp up the experience even more, why not incorporate a bullet vibrator into the mix? Use the bullet vibrator on the super-sensitive perineum area to take your oral game to the next level.

Thigh slings

Thigh slings are a great beginner-level piece of bondage kit. Technically, thigh slings are simply position enhancers, designed to hold the legs apart and in place during penetration. Still, the feeling of complete submission (or domination) is exhilarating, and using this type of toy with someone youíre dating can bring you closer together emotionally.

Dice games

Throw caution to the wind and play a coupleís dice game: take turns rolling the dice and spend a fun evening letting fate guide you around each otherís bodies!

Nipple clamps

Not only do they accessorize the breasts and give your partner the impression that youíre his own personal lap dancer, but nipple clamps also help enhance nipple sensations during foreplay, rendering your body more sensitive and receptive to stimulation.

Best Sex Toys for Long-term Couples

Sex slings

Sex slings are great for experimenting with all kinds of positions: whether you go upside down or in suspended doggy style, a sex sling or sex swing is an ideal choice for couples who want to get the most out of their sex lives and try new things.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are great for long-term couples, and these sex toys provide more than simply a larger penis! If you have a penis and youíre suffering from erectile dysfunction, penis pumps can help you to maintain erections and regain your lost mojo. Even if you donít have any erectile problems, penis pumps remain one of the best sex toys for use with a partner – increase the size of your shaft and spoil your partner with orgasmic bliss!

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are one of the best sex toys for couples, as they are able to provide enhanced sensations for both partners during use. Butt plugs add a fun psychological aspect of double penetration to your play, while also enhancing physical sensations: when placed in the vagina, the pressure of the butt plug can cause the vaginal walls to restrict, resulting in tighter, more intense sensations for both partners.

Pegging Kit

If youíre feeling adventurous, one of the most hardcore coupleís sex toys to try out is a pegging kit. But what is pegging? Pegging is when a female partner uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate their partner (usually a male partner) in a fun role reversal. This is certainly not a beginner sex toy, however, so make sure to shop around for the best pegging kit if you decide to explore this fantasy.

Bondage and Restraints

Trying out some BDSM practices such as bondage and rope play can be a fun way to intensify your physical and emotional connection. This type is play is best suited to long-term couples, as it requires lots of mutual trust and security. If you are in a long-term relationship and you like the idea of adding some power-play into your intimacy, invest in a bondage kit. You can tie each other up, restrain each other during sex and enjoy the heightened intensities of domination and submission.


Sex toy stigma is a thing of the past: with so many sex toys on the market designed for singles, couples, and everything in between, you should make the most of the pleasure your body can offer you. Try sex toysand make 2022 your most orgasmic year yet!