Starting a Conversation With a Girl : Best Pro Tips

Starting a conversation with a girl, whom you dont know, can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can utilize for starting a conversations with girls you meet.

Conversations is expected to follow some basic rules of etiquette. These are social interactions depending on social convention. Rules for conversation come from the cooperative principle. When failed to to adhere to, rules causes the conversation to decrease or leads to end it. Responses to what has previously been said are the contributions to a future conversation.

Conversations in its optimal form communication, depends on the participants’ intended ends. Conversations may be ideal when there is a desire for a relatively equal exchange of information, or to build social ties. Permanency or review of information is important for a written communication to become ideal. Time-efficient communication is most important in case of a speech.

Methods of Starting a Conversation

Conversation always have a lot more implied context which lies under just the words. Conversation is face-to-face or person-to-person at the same time or synchronous. It is possibly online with video applications like Face Time, Skype or may be audio-only like in phone calls. It would not generally have notified internet written communication which tends to be asynchronous ,and not real time at times, therefore, does not fit in ‘conversation’ parameters.

In face to face conversation, it must be suggested that communication is non-verbal/body language a smile, a frown, a shrug, tone of voice conveying much added meaning to words.

  • Flirtatious Conversation
  • Conversation with Someone New
  • Conversation with a Friend
  • Overall Behavior

Starting a Conversation : Flirtatious Conversation

Compliment her.
Try to keep it genuine and polite. Tell her that she is beautiful has a lovely smile, Or you like her earrings or that her laughter is infectious. Make her feel special. Be careful not to overwhelm her with larger-than-life compliments, you will just come across as insincere.

Try a pickup line.
The key to making a pickup line work is confident delivery, so don’t be shy! A good pickup line will make a girl laugh and get her attention. Avoid anything that sounds too creepy or cheesy.

Focus on non-verbal cues.
You may use non-verbal cues, like body language with good facial expressions. It can turn an otherwise non-flirtatious comment into romantic undertones.

Keep your body language open and inviting.
Maintain good eye contact and smile. Lightly touch hand or arm when telling a story to create intimacy and get out of the friend zone. Avoid negative body language like crossing arms, looking down.

Starting a Conversation : Conversation with Someone New

Approach her.
Go up to the girl you wish to start a conversation with. Smile and say hello. Tell her your good name and ask for hers. Keep it simple. A genuine, polite greeting beats a cheesy pick-up line any day.

Ask her how she’s doing.
Politely asking a girl how her day was or how she’s feeling is a nice way to get her talking. It also makes a good impression as it shows that you are genuinely interested in her and are willing to listen.

Comment about the weather.
You can’t go wrong with a harmless observation about the weather. Make a comment about how sunny/windy/rainy it is, to get a safe topic to break the ice with. Once she has replied, you can move on to more engaging topics.

Ask a question about class or work.
Finding some common ground can really help to break the ice in a conversation. Ask her thoughtful questions about work or class to get the conversation flowing. If you take a class together, ask her what she thinks of it, whether she likes the professor, or if she’s interested in whatever you’re studying right now. If you work together, ask her if she’s working on any interesting projects right now.

Bring up pop culture.
Referencing pop culture is a clever, non-personal way to bring up personal interests. A valuable information could help you plan an awesome future date!

Mention an upcoming event.
Mentioning an upcoming event like music festival or exam, can give you something to get excited about with the girl to create a rapport between the two of you. It also allows the girl to see how much you have in common!

Starting a Conversation : Conversation with a Friend

Mention a Common Friend.
Bringing up a mutual friend in your conversation will help you to draw a personal connection to the girl, even if you don’t know her well. She will feel more at ease, as you will no longer seem like a complete stranger! Having a common friend also gives you something (or someone) to talk about.

Bring up a shared experience.
Bringing up a shared experience – whether it’s working as a volunteer or growing up on a farm – helps to create a personal connection between the two of you and establishes the beginning of a bond.

Pose an interesting question.
Asking the girl an unusual or thought-provoking question will break the ice and allow the girl to speak her mind. It will give the girl a chance to express herself while you make a good impression for asking such an interesting question in the first place. Win-win!

Mention a shared interest.
Discovering that you have a shared interest is conversational gold and will really help you to start establishing a bond with the girl. It doesn’t matter what the interest is – be it reading, running, rowing or rock-climbing – what matters is that it’s something you share.

Ask a personal question.
If things are going well and the two of you seem to be hitting it off, it might be time to get a little more personal. Remember that the aim is to show that you’re interested in her and want to get to know her better, not to make her feel uncomfortable. Don’t ask her anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable answering yourself.

Keep it positive
Don’t ask her what her greatest fear or biggest secret is, ask her about her hopes for the future or where she sees herself in ten years. Leave it up to her whether she wants to answer seriously or keep it light-hearted.

Starting a Conversation : Overall Behavior

Project Confidence.
The underlying key to all flirtation is confidence. What women really want is a man who is comfortable in his own skin, a man who’s happy, capable and self-assured.

Update your wardrobe.
When you feel good about your appearance, you’ll naturally project confidence, so ditch the baggy jeans and invest in some good quality, well-fitting pieces to help you look and feel like 007.

Speak clearly and confidently.
This doesn’t mean talking over people or interrupting them constantly, but try to speak a little louder than you normally would. Avoid qualifying sentences with too many “like”s and “you know”s.

Listen well.
Try not to dominate the conversation. Ask plenty of questions and listen carefully to her responses. Listening demonstrates that you are interested in her and in what she has to say.

Remain engaged in the conversation.
Open up about yourself, give the girl more and more reason to like you. Respond to her questions and let her get to know you a little but don’t go on and on either, the goal is to engage and intrigue her, not bore her.

Make eye contact.
Maintaining good eye contact will make you appear more trustworthy and attractive. Looking someone in the eye comes naturally when you’re feeling comfortable and confident. Make sure to look at her directly whenever either of you is speaking, but remember to look away during pauses in conversation – staring is creepy!

Smiling makes you look happy, approachable and more attractive. That’s the kind of guy girls want to be around, so show off those pearly whites.

Avoid “yes” or “no” questions.
Questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” are not a recipe for engaging conversation. Close-ended questions aren’t effective for getting the girl to really invest into the conversation. Try to pose more interesting, open-ended questions which require longer, more thoughtful answers. Close-ended questions should only potentially be used in the very, very beginning of the conversation so as to put only a minimum amount of pressure on her.

Avoid controversial topics.
Bringing controversial topics into the conversation can make her feel awkward, uncomfortable, or just downright angry. Avoid seeking her views on topics such as politics or religion during your first conversation or your relationship runs the risk of being over before it’s even begun.