Spread the Love: 8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

If you are one of the lucky ones that are head over heels for someone at this time of year, the month of February may be daunting. Struggling to think of the perfect gift for her that isn’t flowers and chocolate is a lot harder than it seems. This brief guide of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her will give you suggestions that you don’t usually find on your supermarkets’ shelf.

1) A Bit Of Sparkle

From rings to ankle bracelets there is something that she will love. If you are unsure, keep it simple with a dainty good or silver chain with a small charm that will mean something to her. Though there are many more excellent ideas to come throughout this guide

A great alternative to gold and silver jewellery, for those in long-distance relationships, is a bond touch long-distance bracelet. When you touch your bracelet the other persons will vibrate to let her know you are thinking of her.

2) Beauty Must-Haves

Spoil her with an essential that says I love you. Good quality makeup can be inexpensive from a local drugstore or expensive from a designer brand. This makes it the perfect gift for both price points.

If she isn’t too interested in makeup a nice nail polish or some hair care products will make her blush this valentines day.

3) Sets To Treat Her

Trying to find sexy valentines day gifts can be overwhelming as there are so many options this time of year. To put your mind at ease it is suggested to try shopping specifically for one colour. A lingerie set in black or red is guaranteed to be one of the best valentines day gifts she could receive.

4) Relaxation

Looking for a quiet night in or day out? A trip to the spa or a bath pillow may be the perfect gift for her on valentines day. From candles to a new set of pyjamas she will appreciate the thought and these valentines day gifts will show that you truly care.

5) 100 Dates Scratch-off Poster

Wondering what to give your wife on valentines day? Become more adventurous together with this poster. This simple gift will encourage you to both get out there and experience life.

6) Roses That Live Forever

Eternity roses are a great alternative to flowers that will last. The lucky lady can keep hold of these forever, making the gift more sentimental. From bouquets to teddy bears made out of eternity roses there is something for everyone.

7) A Weighted Blanket

If she is an anxious person or you are away a lot a weighted blanket is the perfect gift. This comforting blanket will calm and soothe as the pressure of the blanket will help her feel grounded. These blankets come in all shapes and sizes with some including lavender for added comfort through aromatherapy.

8) Subtle and Sexy Scents

A staple valentines day gift idea for her is scent. Scent is incredibly powerful to the human body it can affect our mood, cognitive ability and spark memories. This is also a way to give her a luxury brand at a lower price point.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Now you should have a good understanding of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her and feel confident in deciding on what will put a smile on her face this year.

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