Main reasons why you should never fall in Love at first sight

love at first sight

Love is a very secret feeling that comes suddenly and only when you are not waiting for it. Experienced packagers say that when you try to find new girls, you must make then fall in love with you. However, it is impossible to prepare yourself for this. Because love always hits people suddenly. Thus, even if you know where to find girls and know how to act with them, you still may absolutely unexpectedly fall in love with one of them. It may completely change your way of thinking for good or bad. Much has been said about the existence of love at first sight, but today we want to talk about the main reasons why you should not fall in love at first sight.

1. This may not be safe

First of all, we want to share with you the possible risks of falling in love at first sight with someone you don’t know. The main problem here is that you have no idea what to expect from this person. It is crucial to take a closer look at a person and get to know them better with a cool head before decided whether to date him or her.

2. False expectations

When you decide to be with someone, you both have some expectations for your future together. You see, people build those expectations based on their dreams and things they know about their partners. In the case of love at first sight, you don’t know anything about your new lover. Therefore, you both will have false expectations from your relationship.

3. Possible depression

Doctors are strongly against falling in love at first sight. This is due to the hormones that control our happiness, positive emotions. Also, they make us experience euphoria. With time, fresh emotions will pass, and since you almost don’t know each other, it will be very hard to maintain your hormone level by positive emotions. Thus, you both will become more nervous and cold.

4. It passes way too fast

Love at first sight not only appears very fast but it disappears pretty fast too. You see, in a week you and your new partner will begin to feel colder. And in two weeks your love may disappear at all. This is because your emotions are the only thing that connects you. As you know, human emotions are pretty unstable.

5. It may ruin your plans

Love, especially that which happens to a person at first sight, guarantees a persons detachment from the outside world. The lover lives in a world of dreams, but nobody canceled everyday life and worries. Thus, you may find yourself in a very awkward situation. When on the one hand, you want to have a date with your new lover, and, on the other hand, you two weeks ago agreed to see your friends.

6. It drains your emotions

This kind of love fully based on your emotions. Due to this fact, love at first sight will drain you very fast. In the worst-case scenario, in less than a week, you will feel empty and depressed. Surely, this is not what you expect from your new relationship. However, we have already shared with you what we think about false expectations.

7. You may have unplanned expenses

Surely, financial matters must always be secondary when it comes to love. However, this rule is applicable only when you fully trust your partner. How can you possibly trust someone whom you met yesterday with everything? But here we are talking about your unstoppable desire to impress your new lover with expensive gifts, restaurants, and other entertainments.

8. You don’t know the person’s zodiac sign

It’s important to know if you and your love are zodiac compatible, you might be soul mates, best friends or a disaster waiting to happen.
Not all Zodiac signs are compatible with one another. It’s worth reading into astrology to find out about not only your zodiac sign, but the person you’re falling for.

So, should you avoid falling in love at first sight? First of all, as we have said before, you don’t have control over this. However, you should always be cautious. Remember, it is better to wait for some time to learn more about your partner and be sure that you two are a perfect match. Secondly, love is a wonderful feeling, and you should never fear it. Love and be loved, but avoid problems that will complicate your life.