Letís Facilitate Your Divorce and Future Life with These 5 Apps

Technical progress has not passed by the divorce process. Today there is the opportunity to file a divorce online in many states, which significantly adds bright colors to not the most pleasant event in life.

What is more, some companies offer a complete solution for filing a divorce form. There are many online resources that provide a DIY divorce kit, and OnlineDivorcer is one of them, for example.

But now we will focus on mobile applications. Yes, yes. It didnít seem to you. You can solve some questions regarding the divorce process using applications. In this article, you will familiarize yourself with 5 that will help facilitate this difficult period of life.

What Will the Apps Give You?

They will give you a little sigh. Do not expect applications to solve unrealistic issues for them. They are just helpers which can facilitate many important aspects.

For example, they will help you optimize your financial issues, allow not calling your spouse again, decide on a schedule for raising a child remotely, or simply support your emotional state. Should you use them? Of course, yes, if there are questions that can be automated, then you should not pass by. Moreover, some of them are free, why not try it?


When the marriage is doomed to end in the courtroom, further communication seems simply impossible. But when there is a common child or a lawsuit has just begun, you still have to communicate. With this application, you can muffle emotions and save nerves.

It is worth noting that the application will save any of your correspondence. Why is this needed? If suddenly in court you need evidence of a particular correspondence, then it will be available at any time with this application.

Inside the app, there is also the ability to chat. The screen for correspondence has a nice interface that does not differ from the standard ones. Also, when you send SMS, you can see when it was read by the second side. Each message has the ability to include up to 5 files.

The application provides the ability to use a calendar where you can coordinate events. This feature is especially relevant for those who have children. Thus, it will be possible to rationally distribute pastime with the child for both parents.

Another advantage is that the information inside the application can be shared even with those who do not use the application. Spouses can exchange both documents and photos. Agree, this is very convenient for those who do not want to talk to their ex-spouse once again.


Do you doubt whether the application for divorce will be useful? This application offers to use it for free for 30 days. Full access will cost $ 9.99 per month, and each spouse must buy it separately.

Based on the many reviews, the application interface is very simple. Also, as in the previous application, there is a calendar where you can make a schedule of important events. Both parties and even children can make adjustments to this schedule. So in case of cancellation of the meeting or transfer to another day, you do not need to call. It is enough to make adjustments and all participants will be aware.

This program is great for spouses who have children. In the application, you can enter medical information, contacts of doctors and others, which may be necessary for both parents.


Are you on the eve of a change in your financial situation in connection with the divorce process? This application is what you need to put this issue in order.

In the application, you can attach credit cards, bills, and all other expenses and income. You can create different categories of your expenses to make it easier to understand how your financial affairs are going. It is especially important to understand what happens in your wallet when a divorce brings the most unexpected changes.

The main advantage is that it is free and is supported not only on mobile but also on a computer. Also, to use the application, you can effectively view many tutorials that are freely available on the Internet.


If you want to collect in one place the management of both parenting and expenses, pay attention to this application. It is supported by both Android and iOS. As for the cost, for each year of use, each spouse will pay 99 dollars. But the advantage is that children’s accounts are free. Well, the application will delight users with the ability to track costs.

Don’t want to chat with your spouse? Write SMS within the application. It should be noted that it does not allow the use of rude expressions. This feature will be usefull for those who is unable to calm own emotions even in written correspondence. This application can quench your anger and make communication less stressful.

Does your spouse not know what size of clothes your child has? Not a problem, all this information can be placed in the application. According to the development company, this application is recommended even in the courts of many US states. Convincingly, isn’t it?


The divorce process promises many stressful situations. But this does not mean that you can close your eyes to this and not restore your psycho-emotional state. This application is support for spiritual health, body, and beauty.

In this application, you can share your status with other users. Often this is exactly what many need in such a difficult period of life. Also, you can control your mood and watch how your condition progresses during a divorce.


No matter how technological progress goes forward, divorce remains not the most pleasant event in life. But still, you should not miss the opportunities to get some help. Most likely, at least one application from our list will suit you. Try to alleviate at least a little this unpleasant event. And maybe some of them will help even more than you expected.