How to talk to girls on Tinder: Do’s and Dont’s

talk to girls on Tinder

So you finally signed up for a Tinder account and are now racking your brain cells trying to figure out how to make a good impression. We donít blame you. When it comes to dating apps like Tinder, first, second, and third impressions matter. A lot.

Stats show that an overwhelming majority of Tinder users are male (thatís a whopping 72% for you!). This means females are more likely to receive way more messages than their counterparts. As a consequence, itís a lot tougher to stand out as a dude on the wildly popular app. Apart from trying to search tinder for someone you already know, here are some tips to meeting new people.

When the girl youíre talking to can quickly unmatch you at the slightest sign of incompatibility (or worse, ghost you out of nowhere), you want to make sure that youíre always shooting your best shot.

That said, letís take a look at the biggest doís and doníts when youíre trying to navigate the exciting world of app-based dating. If youíre unsure about how to talk to girls on Tinder, youíve come to the right place!

How to talk to girls on Tinder: What to do

#1 Start with a creative opener.

There are many ways to be creative with your opener. As tempting as it is to simply send a generic ďHeyĒ and hope for the best, itís not going to do you any favors.

Now, weíre not asking you to go all-out with puns and gimmicks. Anything that shows that you gave it some thought and effort will go a long way. You can play off of her name or come up with something funny from her bio. Nothing complicated, really. You just got to add a healthy dose of fun and personality into the mix.

#2 Ask for her opinion.

You donít have to start a big debate about philosophy or politics (in fact, we donít recommend going for these heavy topics early on in the conversation). Simply asking for her opinion on even everyday topics like food, entertainment, and pop culture should be enough to keep the conversation flowing nicely.

Everyone likes their voice to be sought and heard. Who knows? It might even end in a playful argument that you just have to settle in person. Not bad, right?

#3 Let your humor shine through!

Thereís nothing worse than a dry conversation littered with dull, overly-serious replies. So go ahead and let your sense of humor shine! Weíre all for having fun on Tinder, so donít be afraid to crack a few jokes now and then.

Donít make these mistakes!

#1 Donít spew out compliments that might be perceived as creepy.

Thereís no need to compliment your match about her looks. After all, you swiped right because you find her attractive. If the girl youíre talking to is cute, chances are high that theyíve heard the same old flattering remarks a billion times. Showering them with compliments about their ďbeautiful faceĒ or ďsmoking hot bodyĒ likely wonít help your case.

#2 Avoid close-ended questions.

Unless youíre a master conversationalist who can pull topics out of nowhere, we suggest that you avoid asking close-ended yes-or-no questions. Having too many dead ends in a conversation is a surefire way to dampen chemistry. Stick to questions that are both thoughtful and thought-provoking as much as possible.


Even with Tinderís new Face to Face feature, forming lasting connections and making a strong impression on the app is still heavily reliant on text messages. This is why itís crucial to pay attention to how youíre talking to girls on Tinder.

Upping your messaging game isnít difficult. Armed with the tips above, you should have a solid idea of what to do and what to avoid to succeed in the tricky, tricky world of app-based dating.