How to make new friends, have fun and improve a foreign one?

It would seem how can all these activities be combined: communication and meeting new people, fun and improving knowledge of foreign languages? It turned out to be quite simple! The secret lies in one small word video chat. Agree, communication with new people is always a new sensation, a new experience and new knowledge.

And if you add to this all the opportunity to make international acquaintances and communicate with representatives of different nationalities and speakers of different foreign languages This unique opportunity for everyone is ready to provide a chat , which allows you to communicate on the network for free via video. If you do not have enough live communication, you can fill this gap without leaving your home!

Somehow I already gave advice to models Today I am going to share worldly wisdom with those who have just started working on the webcam or are only planning their first online exit.

  1.  Be sure to lie

Lie about the fact that you have a microphone, if it really isn’t; write that you will put a bat in the ass on the very first whistle, although there is no beat in the house, and nothing more serious than an anal candle has ever been stuffed in the ass; promise to stand on your head and jump in the air with your feet. The information is there and the First Time guide is a lovely idea, but when we did the research for this DXLive review we found that the data was either inaccurate or intentionally

If you work on Western sites without knowledge of the language, defiantly answer YES! to any question. What will happen next is not important; the main thing is to lure the client in private. I don’t give a damn that he will leave in a minute, realizing that he was deceived – a dozen such fool users, and you definitely earned a pack of dumplings!

  • Write in the profile what you want

If there is any doubt about the parameters, feel free to specify 90-60-90, this is a win-win option. Indicate the size of your chest D, even if your cup does not reach A. Without any twinges of conscience, choose a slender physique, provided that you weigh less than a center.

This is already muscular, do not bury yourself. Well, about the presence of certain skills, clothes, sex toys and other things, there is no sin to commit, as it became clear to us from the first paragraph.

  • When it turns out badly

This is even more profitable – you can pretend to be blind, deaf and dumb at the same time, if only the guest sat longer in paid chat. The longer you freeze in response to any questions and requests, the more money you have in your account. Profit!

Do not bother with choosing a place to work, you can safely work sitting on the toilet or in the bathroom on the floor, laying a towel or rug under your ass.

If for some misunderstanding there is no carpet on the wall in the room, then a red satin rag will do, with it the room looks rich. Do not be discouraged if the workplace is not against the wall, and the Soviet wall, lined with crystal, will also work as a background.

In the room you should have fun and joy! Turn on your favorite music and twist to the full bass, please visitors.

If you opened in free chat, turn the camera to the wall, point it at the ceiling, or just leave a piece of your knee in the frame. In any case, never show your face! No one should see you until he pays!

When you get tired, remember that going to a break is not necessary. Switch all sites to paid mode and go to bed. Whoever needs the pussy will wake up