How To Flirt As A PRO

Flirt and roses

Flirting is not just a set of skills; it is a true art that you have to master throughout your life. It cannot only help you to get a date with someone you find attractive, but it can also help you establish a fantastic relationship with your colleagues and neighbors.

The thing is that good old flirting allows you to show your genuine interest in the other person. Your main task is to set an intention and find a line you want or don’t want to cross.

Also, you should understand that people read signals differently. One research has proved that women underestimate men’s intentions, while men tend to overestimate women’s sexual interest. Nonetheless, the flirting game is always the same – eye contact, understatements, humor, and a lot of positive vibes. If you want to know more about the art of flirting, here is your ultimate guide:

Be confident

If you want to become a master of flirting, you have to improve your confidence first. Once you start controlling the situation, the person you are flirting with will feel safe around you. Confidence also helps to assert knowledge and encourage positive thinking.

As you can understand, building self-confidence can take the whole life. However, there are a few small things you can easily do to show others that you know your real value:

  1. Adjust your posture.
  2. Start working out.
  3. Do things that make you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Dress better.
  5. Have approachable body language.
  6. Don’t defend yourself.

Joke. Joke. Joke.

According to experts at Beyond Ages, humor is an important aspect of flirting. The thing is that the ability to joke requires having a quick brain and abstract thinking. Also, it shows the other person that you put an extra effort into improving their mood. Moreover, laughing together helps to build positive associations.

Will you be able to make your date laugh?

Don’t worry if it’s not your strong side since a sense of humor can be developed with time. To do that, you have to watch more comedies, figure out what you find funny, tell jokes, and analyze people’s reactions.

In case your joke is a complete disaster, start making fun of it! Sometimes people will laugh even if your joke is not that funny. That’s how they will try to show that they are attracted to you. So, pay attention to details!

Use a prop

If you don’t consider yourself a charismatic person, feel free to use the prop to send nonverbal signals. Consider playing with elements on your dress, accessories, or hair (this tip is for girls mostly).

Also, you may need to work on your style a little bit so that people will have something to remember you for. Once you have at least one special in your outfit (like a T-shirt with the name of your favorite band), the other person will notice it, and you two will instantly have a topic for a conversation!


Another way to leave a good impression is to give genuine compliments. You should find the right moment to say a nice thing about the other person. If you tell people the same compliments just because you want them to like you back, they will easily notice it.

Leave them wanting more

The worst thing that can happen is running out of topics. As a flirt master, you should try to avoid it by intriguing the other person and leaving while the conversation is still interesting.

You shouldn’t share all your secrets since the mystery is a crucial element of flirting. For example, don’t always tell where you go and what exactly you do, but instead, you can say ‘let’s discuss it next time.’ This way, you will leave them wanting more, and that’s the whole point of flirting.