How to Check If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You on Social Media

Nabbing a cheating boyfriend isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t know where to look.

But learning how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone will push you closer to finding the truth you rightfully seek.

However, it’s crucial to first read the signs before proceeding to check his phone.

3 Signs That Show He’s Hiding Secrets

Your boyfriend may not openly show that he’s hiding secrets. And this is simply to hide his tracks. But while there are many signs to look for, below are the three common signs that your spouse is cheating.

He Uses Passwords to Protect His Phone

If he has nothing to hide, then he surely doesn’t need passwords at all. True, there are honest reasons why people should password-protect their phones.

But when he’s suddenly using codes on his social media apps and giving lame excuses, then there’s reason to worry.

He Hides His Phone From You

Cheating boyfriends hide their phones and act nervous when you pick them up. Hiding phones simply shows there’s a lack of trust and that he may be up to something.

In addition, he may also closely guard his phone at all times even when going to the washroom. If this is the case, then you could have a cheater.

He Has Secret Folders on His Phone

Discovering secret folders on your boyfriend’s phone is a clear red flag that he may be cheating. Private folders can help him hide media files that he wouldn’t want you to see.

On top of that, he can also keep a list of his contacts and also store private conversations there too.

3 Ways to Check Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Cracking passwords and locating hidden folders on your boyfriend’s phone is not always easy for everyone. But luckily, there are a few methods you can use to monitor his activities

Installing Spying Software

This is perhaps the easiest and most painless option you could use. Free cheaters spy apps will let you monitor plenty of activities on your boyfriend’s phone such as:

  • The locations he’s visited
  • The texts he sends on social media apps
  • The calls he’s made and received

And that’s not all, the best part about spying software is that they’re also not easy to detect. This means that you’ll have tons of data about your boyfriend’s activities without his knowledge.

What’s more is that there are plenty of free cheating apps for Android that you can try out. Since each has its own perks, catching your cheating boyfriend will be far easier than you imagined.

Secretly Enable Snap Map

If your boyfriend has Snapchat installed on his device, you can also use Snap Map to secretly spy on him.

Snap Map works by sharing your phone’s current location with your friends. By secretly enabling it on your boyfriend’s device, you’ll know exactly where he’s been and if he lies about it.

Installing a Keylogger on His Device

If you’re constantly asking yourself “is my boyfriend cheating on me?”, then a keylogger will be a worthy consideration.

Like spying software, keyloggers can also get valuable information from your boyfriend’s phone. In the case of a keylogger, it will collect all keystrokes made on his device.

This way, you can read through every text he sent to see if he’s been faithful.

Bottom Line

Confronting your boyfriend about your suspicions of him is tough. And it only gets tougher when you don’t have cold hard facts too.

But from all the available solutions, free cheating spouse app for Android and keyloggers are your best bet if you want to keep things stealthy.