Having a Kid? Here’s What No One Tells You

new born

One of the biggest changes that can ever happen in your life is having a child because it alters everything from daily to annual routines and lifestyles. The National Center for Health Statistics revealed that there were nearly four million babies born in the United States in 2015. That’s a lot of changed lives, and there are probably many women who were caught off guard by at least a few things they weren’t told beforehand about having a child.

They Require a Ton of Equipment

From keeping babies safe and healthy to things that help keep parents sane, babies need a lot of stuff. Whether you live in a big Los Angeles mansion or a smaller home in Cincinnati, prepare for all that baby gear to take over. Everyone knows that raising children is expensive, but there’s no way to really understand the reality until you have a kid on the way and face that long list of things to buy. By the time you bring your new baby home from the hospital, you will undoubtedly be shocked at how fast your home has turned into “baby land”.

Giving Birth Means Lots of Body Changes

Putting your body through labor is obviously not easy, but few really seem to talk about the aftermath. The post-birth cramps from a shrinking uterus are excruciating, the soreness can last for weeks, and even regular body functions take some time to return to normal. 

Mom Shaming is Real 

Everyone’s a critic, and if you don’t develop a thick skin quickly you’ll find yourself feeling bad all the time thanks to moms who act as if they know better than you, and that can be anyone from a family member or close friend to your neighbor or even a total stranger. The important thing is that you do what you feel is right for your child and ignore what the rest are saying.

It Really is a 24/7 Job

Being a parent isn’t like an office job that you can mentally turn away from when 5 o’clock rolls around, it’s basically a never-ending job. Once the baby is born you won’t be able to ever forget about him or her for even a minute.

The Unspoken 4th Trimester

Most people think that once a baby is born, that third trimester is finally over and things will be smooth sailing from there. No one really talks about what’s known as the “4th trimester” where the baby is just as needy as it was on the inside. They need to be constantly fed, held, and comforted for the next three months or so, a time when they’re heavily dependent on their mother.

Babies Aren’t Always Cute

Babies certainly have their moments of being adorable, but they also come with moments you’ll want to scream. The crying for hours on end can make you feel like you’re losing your mind, bringing you to question why it is you decided to do this to yourself, until they start smiling again anyway.