Filing for Divorce Online – 7 Things to Consider

Filing for Divorce

Any time people come together for marriage, there is joy, high expectations for the future and a lot of hope when it comes to investments and children.

When differences start trickling in between the couples, most of the times the hearts are left with wounds that cannot be healed. This results in divorce, and all the dreams get shuttered. People opt to file for divorce to move on with life that is less painful and possibly achieve some of the dreams that they had together on their own.

Online divorce has become popular over time, and couples have increasingly used it due to several issues. As one considers filing for divorce online, there are several things to consider.

1. Research on where to get the online divorce papers.

This typically depends on the state that one is living in. It’s essential to analyze the acceptable online services in the country one is living in and register with one of them. The service provider will take you through the initial interview to ascertain your eligibility. Once through, one is given access to the divorce papers to fill and file after that.

2.      The cost involved.

Online divorce is a cheap method of filing for divorce because one does the filing without the need of a lawyer.

After registering with the preferred provider, one is required to pay for the application fees, which are far much cheaper and affordable than going through the lawyer.

 Once the forms are filled and reviewed by the professionals who have been hired by the online divorce service, the advice is given over any amendment of the same.

As soon as they have been certified as correct, the next step is the submission of the documents to the courts for the final decree.

3.      Consider the services that online divorce you choose offers.

Before signing up to any service, it is essential to consider whether they meet the requirements that you intend to get help from for instance;

i.                    The reputation- To avoid scammers ensure that the platform is reputable online and from the reviews that have not been made by people who have used them, they can attest that they received excellent service from using them.

ii.                  The divorce papers should be updated and need to have a guarantee of acceptance by the state- In this issue, any divorce forms that are not updated do not meet the threshold of the country will not work well for you. As such your request for divorce could be rendered null and void. Be precise on where to get the divorce forms otherwise keep off from sites that do not update their forms.

iii.                Consider whether they offer telephone support. In many reputable platforms, they offer telephone support when one is doing the paperwork. This is to help you in case you are stuck to a certain point. Once explained by a person over the phone, it sounds more practical and human.

4.      The urgency of the divorce.

One should also consider how fast you need the divorce consent. When it comes to online divorce, filling of the documents is secure and will only need a few hours to complete them and submit. This is in contrast to the services of an attorney where one is required to meet with the lawyer several times to provide further information about the divorce. If you wish to end the marriage without a lawyer, then the online divorce can be a way out.

It is a convenient way for those people who are working and do not want time off from work to attend court sessions, which would put their jobs at risk.

5.      Works for an uncontested divorce.

This is where the couples are in agreement to end the marriage, and they can proceed and file for divorce online together. They agree that they can no longer live together due to unresolved issues that can no longer be agreed upon.

The divorce settlements s agreed upon, and issues related to child custody and asset division are well decided on beforehand.

A no-fault divorce will work out well and speed up the process when couples opt to use the online method of separation. This is because none of them have accusations against each other on the wrongdoing. The only issue is that they have irreconcilable differences, which could only be put to rest through a breakup.

6.      Using a lawyer can help resolve unspoken issues.

In as much as online divorce is a cheap method of ending a marriage, it may not be a perfect way to end the same. Considering using a lawyer can be helpful in one way or another, taking into consideration that you are dealing with a professional eye to eye.

They give advice that could otherwise have been eliminated in the online method.

Again, the lawyer would negotiate further to one’s advantage and see to it that as the marriage comes to an end, no stone is left unturned and with this in mind, issues of appealing later towards settlement and child custody may not arise.

Since divorce is a personal matter, and if it takes place it will be there for a lifetime, there is also need to consider having a lawyer that will navigate on the entire process, seal any loophole that could work to your disadvantage which outweighs using an online divorce.

7.     Consider the overall control you intend to have over the entire process.

By and large, an online divorce method gives the couples control on how the process will go, for instance, being eliminated from visiting your lawyer at any time he calls you. Some of them will call in a bid to make an additional charge on the fees. Since one has done the paperwork by himself, it is hard to be manipulated by the lawyer and as such, before filing for the divorce online, think of the level you want to take charge and avoid involving the external parties a lot.

In conclusion, choosing the online method all depends on how severe your case is. If one cannot be able to handle it by themselves, then using a lawyer is not an option.

However, with the emerging trend in technology, divorce online has turned out to be a more favorable, cheap, and faster way of ending the marriages.

Taking a short time also lessens the pain that one has to go through if the process would take a lot of time and as such, couples can part ways easily and make decisions about their new lives less painfully.

Image credit: Filing for Divorce via krivinis/Shutterstock