Curious facts about American brides

American brides

The USA is a breathtaking land that lures thousands of men and women with its endless opportunities and the so-called American dream. It is, however, strange that women from this country don’t get so much attention compared to Asians or Latinas on the dating market. When you start thinking about it, there is, in fact, not much information about such ladies on the Internet. How do foreign men then need to behave if they want to attract gorgeous and independent Americans? In this article, we’ll share with you some curious facts that will be helpful in this respect.

What does a typical American lady look like?

When you meet Russian girls, they are usually noticeable in the crowd with their style and make-up, above all. What about Americans, then? How do they differ from females from other countries?

Appearance is significant to an average American woman. She tries to follow the latest fashion trends but, at the same time, cares for her comfort. Such a lady always wants to look attractive and young. Particular importance is attached to white teeth and a perfect smile. Plastic surgeries and various cosmetic treatments are no less loved in the USA.

Many of US-girls have weight problems despite training regularly. The reason for it is numerous fast-food restaurants that can be found on every corner. And, of course, they don’t walk – they prefer driving.

How do American women feel about marriage?

The open nature of a typical US lady doesn’t automatically make her avoid committed relationships. Although, a man ought to be ready to make compromises in different situations. On the other hand, once he has won her heart – there is no way back. Because she surely starts making plans for the shared future: with children, a house, and a big dog.

In America nowadays, the classic gender roles are reversed, as more and more local men benefit financially from marriage. In the past, however, relatively few women worked, so it means the picture has changed significantly.

What does an American female expect from her partner?

Due to the fact equality is essential for self-confident women from the USA, they, above all, want to see respect and trust from their men. It’s typical for an American lady to expect a partner will make her feel beautiful, charming, and captivating. He also should freely speak about his desires and dreams.

Ultimately, American females are primarily interested in whether the man has a good sense of humor and not whether he is a good breadwinner for the family. They prefer carefree gentlemen who inspire with their delicacy and strong spirit.

When talking about style, brides from America prefer casually dressed men. Jeans, nice shirts, and leather jackets – that’s what turns them on. When meeting in a restaurant, however, a guy should wear something appropriate for the occasion

What should you keep in mind when flirting with an American woman?

Once again, American ladies are very self-sufficient. It is, therefore, crucial to have enough courage and flirt actively with each one of them. The man should not be afraid to speak to the woman directly if he finds her attractive. The Americans are masters of small talk and will do their part to bring a lot of humor and ease into the conversation.

They love to get compliments from men. If you have a good sense of romance – saying warm words won’t be a problem. Anyone who agrees on a date on the beach should consider that American females don’t mind appearing in a too-small bikini right on the very first date. Don’t hide your body either, even if you have a beer belly.