Accessories for Dadís

So, itís your dadís birthday or maybe Fatherís Day is soon approaching. But what do you gift the man who brought you into this world and provided you with everything you own? He is the man who takes care of your finances, stays awake at night when you get home late or when youíre sitting at night studying or plain looks after all of your wants.

He is usually the man who is forgotten despite all his efforts, and on these few days that arrive in the year celebrating him, you want to make it unique. But if you’re going to gift him something that he will remember you must give him something he cherishes. Get creative and start thinking of things that will broaden his horizon. It needs to be unique but also practical in use.

You can switch to online websites and apps to recommend to you what to buy, but it will end up being time-consuming. So, what do you gift him then? You can stick to the same razor and shaving cream or his cologne or maybe even a mug. Or maybe pick something off from the list weíve given below

1. Portable Charger

You always see him waiting for his phone to charge while he idles around reading the newspaper. Or it could just be that his phone is running out of battery, but like all times, he isnít complaining but going along with it. Why not gift him a phone charger that he can carry along with him anywhere he travels? He may or may not be aware of this, but will appreciate this gesture.

2. Sneakers

Fathers are usually people that wake up early and go out for morning walks. Having a pair of breathable and washable sneakers will help him in this task. You can check for these sneakers on online apps or purchase at a store reliable to you. These sneakers are available in tons of colours and are even machine washable.

3. Temperature Control Mug

Yes, we just said above that gifting a mug to him would be a very monotonous gift. But what if you upgrade this gift and purchase a temperature-controlled one for him? That way, he could enjoy his cup of coffee at exactly the temperature he wants to, unlike the regular cups.

4. Motor Vibration Massager

Give your father the feel of spending some time in a spa by gifting him a seat massager. This will not only help him open up his sore muscles, but he could gain this experience right at home. It is one massager that can help him get rid of aches from different parts of his body. It is a perfect gift for someone who is aged enough to face the muscles solving problems at regular intervals.

5. A Cooler Tote

If your old man is one who is fond of his drinks and likes to chill on the weekends with his friends and beer, you can gift him this cooler tote. This tote specializes in keeping the drinks cold for as long as you want. He can even carry it with him when he wants to travel away with his friends on picnics. These are also built with stretch materials so that they can accommodate tins, bottles and cans of most sizes available.

6. Personalized Stationery

Fathers are generally particular about their pens, notepads, diaries amongst other stationery where they keep track of expenses and other important stuff. The better the paper, the more motivated they would get to make use of them. You can buy him something branded or get him something customized with his name. You can opt to go with just his initials on the product or get it engraved with a one-liner that will make him want to keep it as a keepsake long after it’s been used.

7. Phone Docking Station

A phone docking station is a must gift for your father not just for birthdayís or Fatherís Day. Men have the tendency to be disorganized, which can make things quite messy around them. However, if you gift him one of these, it would help him stay organized without letting his words fly on his office desk. It would manage his phone, watch and pen all at once. So, if thereís an emergency, he doesnít need to rush to find his things.

8. A Leather Wallet

A wallet is an accessory of necessity. But as parents, our fathers spend less on them and more on us. You will see him carrying around a tattered wallet but never spend on himself and buy a new one. This is where you can come in. You can blindly gift your dad a leather wallet which he will surely love. You need to pick one with good leather and your dadís favourite colour. There are several varieties of wallets available among which you can choose the ones that you think your dad will like. Just make sure that you get one with several compartments so that it gets easy for him to place in all his essential cards and cash.

9. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are classy; cufflinks are also cool. It would make a great gift, and your dad will love this elegant gift! You can give him a set of cufflinks that goes well with his formal suits. You can pick the ones that suit his style and which he would love to carry around to flaunt in front of his colleagues.

10. Kindle Paperwhite

Maybe not all fathers, but most of them have a knack of collecting and reading old thick novels from around the world. However, there comes a time when carrying this around can become quite the task. A kindle can, therefore, help you solve this for him. It does the job of being a bookkeeper while you travel or commute. This small tab like device gives you access to millions of books from around the world. It has books that are published worldwide, which you can buy from the online store directly to your Kindle registry.


No matter what the occasion or even if there isnít one, nothing should stop you from gifting your old man a present that may spring a smile across his face. Nothing says that you love and care about him than a thoughtful gift. You can pick one from the ones mentioned above, or you can observe quietly and see what is it that you can give him to make his life a little easier.