5 Ways to Improve Physical Intimacy in a Relationship


Physical intimacy is essential in a healthy, long-term relationship. However, maintaining a sexual connection can take commitment and effort, especially as lifeís stresses and routines can often stand in its way.

If you want to feel bonded to your partner throughout the years, you must aim to inject a little romance into your daily lives. To do exactly that, read the below five ways to improve physical intimacy in a relationship.

1. Physical Displays of Affection

Non-sexual touch can increase physical intimacy with your partner. If you and your spouse have stopped touching each other, aim to incorporate more hugging, kissing, and hand holding into your daily lives. It will make you feel closer to each other, which could relight a fire in your relationship.

2. Give Each Other a Massage

A massage is another fantastic way to incorporate more touch into a relationship. The sensual activity can increase your physical and emotional connection to your partner. Plus, itís an ideal way to strengthen your bond if you both have demanding careers or busy personal lives, as it can help you relax and unwind. Also, you could make the experience much more romantic by learning how to give your other half a sexy massage. For example, you could use massage oil or master drag and glide techniques.

3. Schedule Sex

Scheduling sex might seem unromantic, but it could be the key to a stronger relationship. If you and your partner have put physical intimacy on the back burner recently, a schedule can make it more of a priority. Creating a schedule will prove to your partner that you want to be intimate with them on a regular basis, which can make them feel more attractive and appreciated. The set time will increase your chances of being alone, too, which is ideal if you have children.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Couples often fall into a routine of watching TV or staring at their smartphones every day of the week. Unfortunately, this can interrupt interaction with each other. If youíve noticed you both spend more time looking at devices than each other, pledge to turn them off at least one night per week.

For example, you could sit down at a table to enjoy dinner together, which will provide an opportunity to talk about each otherís day, hopes for the future, or even your relationship. If you spend more time talking and laughing, it will likely increase your physical and emotional intimacy.

5. Make Time for Romance

Physical intimacy might have waned in recent months due to a lack of romance in your relationship. Going to the movies, taking a stroll outdoors, or booking a romantic dinner at a restaurant will provide more opportunities to hold hands or cuddle.

They say honesty is the key to a successful relationship, but if my partner brought a lie detector test to bed, I think I’d rather sleep on the couch!

For this reason, you should make more time for romance each month. For example, you could schedule a date night or embrace a little more PDA when outdoors. It could make you feel closer than ever to your other half and ensure your relationship stands the test of time.