4 Tips On Preparing For First Time Anal Sex

First Time Anal Sex

When you decide to try anal sex, it means that you already have a certain amount of sexual experience behind you. Nobody does this for their first time, am I right? And yet, when the time comes to do it, it will certainly feel like it is your first time in everything. You will get nervous, but you will also get excited because there is something definitely extremely arousing in anal sex.

While there still might be those individuals who simply cannot wrap their head around this whole idea, the truth is that anal sex has become pretty common, as both genders are starting to see the beauty of it. If you told me that you have never fantasized about it, I wouldnít believe you. The only thing that was stopping you from trying was probably the stigma surrounding that idea, but now itís not as controversial as it once was.

Here are some tips on how to do it correctly: https://www.bustle.com/wellness/64999-14-anal-sex-tips-for-women-because-you-need-to-prepare-if-you-want-to-have

Now, if you are thinking that you can just decide to go through with it, call your partner, and immediately get to business without doing any preparation whatsoever, then you are certainly wrong. Of course, nobody is stopping you from doing it like this, but the truth is that it wonít be a really pleasurable experience. Chances are that you will end up hating it and thereís no need to hate it when you can definitely love it.

If you want to love this experience, youíll have to prepare for it properly, though. As a beginner, you are probably at least a little bit confused about the whole preparation part, meaning that you will need a couple of tips to help you out. Donít worry! People have been into butt sex for a while, meaning that there are definitely enough tips that beginners can find and use in order to get ready for this amazing experience and do it the right way.

What you need to do is find a few useful sources to give you the tips you need. When you start your research online, you will certainly come across a lot of websites that can offer those tips. Make sure to do a lot of reading and get properly informed before you call your partner and tell them that you are ready to try it out. Thatís the only way that you will actually enjoy the whole experience.

In order to help you do things the right way, Iíll also offer some tips on anal sex for beginners, which will help you get properly prepared and make your anal play with your partner as pleasurable as it can be. I suppose that this is what you want. Nobody wants to go into this unprepared and then decide to give up half-way through. Thereís nothing fun in giving up, am I right? So, without further ado, here are the preparation tips you will need.

Start With Fingers

It would be  complete nonsense for your partner to stick his shaft inside your anal opening without first preparing you for it. This would not only be painful, but also rather unpleasant and uncomfortable. Just like you need to get horny and ready for regular sex, you also need to get ready for butt sex, and it starts with some finger play. So, relax and let your partner start with a finger or two because it will help you relax even further and understand the overall sensation that you will have once you switch to the real deal.

Starting with fingers is important for one more reason. It stretches things out a bit and makes the rest of your play much easier. Of course, you can also use a butt plug, which can certainly be extremely arousing and which can definitely help you get things properly stretched out. So, you could perhaps get yourself a butt plug and start playing with it. If you arenít feeling up to that, though, you can simply start with your fingers.

Lube Is A Must

I canít emphasize enough the importance of lube. Seriously, people, donít try anal sex without it, because you certainly wonít enjoy it, and hereís why. No matter how excited you are, your rear opening wonít self-lubricate. In other words, it doesnít get wet like the vagina does when you get horny. This means that you will absolutely have to lubricate it yourself unless you want to go through a really painful and not-so-pleasant experience that can even be harmful in some instances.

Condoms Are Also Necessary

People generally decide not to use condoms when they are in a serious, committed, monogamous relationship. While this is a completely normal and natural decision, the rules are a bit different when it comes to anal play. Although there is definitely no pregnancy risk when this type of sex is in question, the truth is that the risk of STD is increased, meaning that you should use a condom, no matter how much you and your partner trust each other. Go here to learn more about how to properly prepare for butt play.

Wait Until You Are Extremely Aroused

If you have decided to try anal sex out, hereís what you should know. This should never be done half-heartedly. In other words, unless you are extremely aroused and up for it, you shouldnít even think of giving it a go. Itís normal to be nervous, but if nervous is all you are, perhaps it would be a good idea to wait until you get horny enough to try this out. Of course, you and your partner can start playing with each other in order to get you horny enough.

By getting sufficiently aroused, your muscles will get more relaxed, which will make the whole experience much more enjoyable and easier. Plus, when people are horny, they tend not to think about the possibly unpleasant parts of anal play. That is certainly of huge importance because, once you get horny, youíll certainly be up for butt play and we cannot say the same for when you are in an unaroused state.