10 Exciting Ways to Fix Your Broken Relationship

Ways to Fix Your Broken Relationship

Breakups are never easy. Whether your 20 years of marriage is ending or your 20 months of a living relationship, breakups are always hard and messy. 

Sometimes couples end relationships due to small misunderstandings or a simple lack of communication. Not all the relationships that end are toxic

Many relationships still have some spark left in them. It’s just a matter of igniting that romance flame, and you might find your happily ever after with your ex. 

As per a study conducted among 3512 participants, it is found that 14.94% of people reunite with their exes and have built a blissful relationship. 

Don’t hesitate to give it a second shot if you also feel that your marriage or relationship still has some spark left. However, this time make sure to understand your partner better and don’t commit the mistakes that ended your relationship the last time. 

In this post, we will discuss some interesting tips that you can use to fix your broken relationship with ease. 

Understand Reasons Behind Your Breakup 

Foremost, address the main elephant in the room – why did your relationship end before? You and your partner need to openly talk about the things that ended your relationship in the first place. 

Once you know what drifted your relationship, you can fix the exact problem and save your relationship. Now, talking about dark stuff isn’t an easy thing. But you have to do it to set the foundation of a strong relationship.  

If you are struggling to express your feelings to your partner, you can take professional help. You can consult relationship coaches or therapists who might help you with the lack of communication in your relationship. 

Walk Down the Memory Lane 

Do you remember when you first started dating your partner? All those late-night calls, excitement to meet, and how you couldn’t keep your hands off from each other. 

Now, just remembering the initial days of your relationship has brought a big smile to your face. So, why not relive those memories?

Yes, when you are making efforts to find the lost romance in your relationship, the best thing is to start from the beginning. Recreate all those memories that you and your partner have shared in the dating phase of your relationship. This will help you release why you fell in love with one another in the first place. 

To rekindle memories, you can fully recreate your first date. You can go to the same restaurant where you went on your first date and even order the same things. If you can still find your first date dress lying in your closet, wear it too. 

Not only the first date, but you can also recreate any other special memory as a couple, such as romantic vacations, festival celebrations, etc. 

Create New Memories 

Don’t just focus on recreating old memories, but you should also create some new ones. You shouldn’t hold back anything this time. 

If you and your partner always wanted to travel together, do it. Or, do you wish to start your family? Simply you wanted to join a yoga class together?

Whatever it is that you wanted to do as a couple but didn’t get the chance before, use your second chance to do everything. Creating new memories together will better connect you with your partner and learn new things about them. 

Increase Intimacy Level in Your Relationship 

According to Psychology Today, 15-20% of American marriages are sexless, and 50% of sexless marriages end up in divorce

If lack of intimacy has been a reason behind your breakup, you should address this problem seriously. Physical intimacy is something that can sustain your relationship in the long run. 

You might find many suggestions to spice up your bedroom life from your friends, colleagues, and online. But today, we will share the best way to improve your sex life – hire an escort

This might sound weird to you, but escorts can actually fix your relationship in many ways, such as:

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  • Escorts can help you better understand your partner’s needs. They have great sexual knowledge, which you can use to understand how you can better satisfy your partner in bed. 
  • If you are feeling nervous about rekindling things with your ex, escorts can listen to you and help you see things from a different perspective. 

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Give a Space to Your Relationship 

It is important to pay attention to your partner’s needs and desires while you are working on your relationship. But it doesn’t mean you should forget yourself. 

Often people give so much time to fix their relationship and partner that they totally neglect themselves. That’s wrong, people. 

If you don’t care about yourself, you can’t give your 100% to your relationship. Therefore, give some space to your partner and also focus on yourself. 

Go out with your friends and spend time doing things that you love to do. This way, you won’t feel suffocated in your relationship. Also, encourage your partner to have a life outside your relationship.  

A little space is the secret of a healthy and happy relationship. 

Be Ready to Compromise 

Relationships are all about giving and taking. You have to accept your partner’s flaws with an open mind because your partner is doing the same. 

If you don’t like how your partner keeps her or his closet clumsy or always leaves the toilet lid open, accept it. There might be some things that your partner might not like about you as well. 

The key here is to accept those flaws and compromise with them. That’s because if you fight on small things like the toilet lid daily, this will make your relationship bitter. 

Therefore, you should pick your fights smartly and start learning to compromise on small things, which are bigger than your love. 

Find a Couple Hobby 

Usually, when couples interact with other people or participate in some activities together, they will also explore new things about one another. Thus, you should take your relationship out of the bedroom, find new hobbies and make new friends. 

For instance, if you and your partner are both big-time foodies, you can join a cooking class. While learning and interacting with new people, you will see a new side of your partner. You will see how passionate and compassionate a person your partner is. And this is exactly what you need to fall in love with your ex once again. 

Focus on Small Intimate Things 

Physical intimacy is very important for your relationship. But that’s not all you need. Along with good bedroom intimacy, you should also focus on small intimate things to strengthen your bond. 

For example, if your partner is working late one day, you can surprise him or her with a relaxing bath and hand-cooked meal. 

To make your relationship strong, you don’t have to make grand gestures. Just hugging your partner when they are feeling low is also sufficient to show how much care for them. 

Have Scheduled Pillow Talks  

When working full-time, managing kids, and running household errands, you might not get sufficient time to just sit and talk to your partner. And that is where drift comes into your relationship. 

When you don’t communicate with your partner often or not at all, it will give birth to misunderstandings in your relationship. This will lead to ugly and toxic divorce or breakup. 

Therefore, mark a date on your busy schedule for just talking. A few minutes when you and your partner will talk about how you are feeling, what’s new happening at work, and make plans for your future. It doesn’t matter how busy you are; just never stop talking. 

Don’t Push Your Relationship Too Much

If you have made all the efforts to fix your broken relationship, but you still don’t feel things moving in the right direction. Then, you should stop trying. 

Yes, if your efforts of hiring escorts or joining hobby classes with your partner aren’t rekindling your old flame, maybe there’s no spark left in your relationship. Maybe you are hung upon a fantasy of a perfect relationship when it is no longer there. 

So, you should stop trying when you see things not progressing or your partner not making equal efforts. However, you should always give your 100% to fix your relationship, so you never regret not trying enough.