Top Cloud Computing Jobs in 2021

Cloud Computing

Today, almost every company is using cloud computing in some form or another. Recruiters are looking for individuals with knowledge and skills in cloud computing and are willing to pay a handsome package.

The demand for people who have successfully completed cloud computing course online has immensely increased. Companies can have different job descriptions and requirements for specific cloud computing roles, but the core of the job remains the same. If you are planning to work in the field of cloud computing, here are the top cloud computing jobs of 2021:

  1. Cloud Administrator

To work as a cloud administrator, you need to be an expert in managing the cloud presence and infrastructure of a company. You will be developing, enforcing, and updating policies on how the users and employees can access cloud services.

You will also be establishing security policies and protocols, monitoring and ensuring uptime, and assessing the need for updates. To work in this role, you will need a degree in computer science, MIS (Management Information Systems), or a related field along with three to five years of working experience in IT or system administrators.

  1. Cloud Architect

Cloud Architecture is the framework within which every cloud technology operates. Consider it as the frame of the house and the cloud-specific subspecialties are the drywall, plumbing, finishing, and flooring. As a cloud architect, you will be the one designing and implementing the cloud computing strategies of your organization.

You will make sure that everything is on track and on budget. You will be the one responsible for ensuring that the transition to the cloud goes smoothly. To be a cloud architect, you will need a bachelorís degree in information systems, computer science, or a related field. For some companies, you need to have a Masterís degree as well.

  1. Cloud Automation Engineer

As a cloud automation engineer, your job will be building, implementing, and maintaining the automation technology as it is migrated to the cloud. Through this automation, employees are freed up from repetitive, tedious tasks.

To work in this role, you will need a degree in information technology or computer science along with a specialization in machine learning or artificial intelligence.

  1. Cloud Consultant

If you want to work as a cloud consultant, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing technologies and should be able to guide the companies that want to work with cloud-based tools. Your job will be assessing the needs of the company and suggesting devices and software that best meets the companyís technical as well as budgetary needs.

You will also be helping design the migration policies and choosing platforms to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. You might also be asked to customize the cloud presence of the company, so you should have knowledge of all the major cloud service providers. The educational requirement for this role is a bachelorís degree in information technology or computer science. Since it also requires managerial skills, an MBA might help you get additional clients.

  1. Cloud Engineer

As a cloud engineer, you will be responsible for managing the cloud strategies of your company. You will be working with cloud architects to ensure that these strategies are implemented. Your job will also include administrative work of negotiating with vendors and clients so that everyone stays on task and under budget.

To work in this role, you will need a bachelorís or higher degree in information systems, computer science, or a related field along with experience with programming languages like Python and Java.

  1. Cloud Security Analyst

To work as a cloud security analyst, you need to know how to maintain the security and integrity of your companyís cloud presence. To do this, you will have to assess threats and shore up defenses against them.

Your job will also include securing data, eliminating security gaps, and preventing data breaches. To work in this role, you need a bachelorís degree in information technology, computer science, systems analysis, or cybersecurity with a specialization in security analysis.

  1. Cloud Software Engineer

As a cloud software engineer, you will be working with computer scientists and programmers and developing software for the cloud. You will be responsible for upgrading, maintaining, and repairing the databases they power and software they develop.

The educational requirement for this job role is a bachelorís or higher degree in computer science, information systems, software engineering, or a related field. You also should have experience with a programming language like Python or Java.

So, these are the top roles available in cloud computing. If you want to work in these roles, you need to get the required skills. Here are some tips that will help you:

  1. Get additional training

If you are working in IT and want to get into cloud computing, there are a multitude of options to get online training including certification courses from different cloud service providers. Through this cloud computing course online, you will be able to learn about all the in-depth topics you need to know to become a cloud expert. Also, the certificate will show your current or potential employers that you are committed to cloud computing and are willing to stay updated with the evolving technological landscape.

Top vendors like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have certification programs that will help you acquire the skills needed to work with cloud technologies. Getting these certifications will help you stand apart from your non-certified counterparts and even get a hike in pay.

  1. Get hands-on experience

Whether you get a bachelorís degree or take a 6-month training program, nothing will beat practical experience. In case you have just begun to explore your options, sign up on a cloud server like Azure or AWS and explore it to get a grasp on the technology. If you are currently working as an IT professional, see if you can work on a cloud-based project that helps you work on your existing skills and develop new ones.

Cloud computing training is the perfect way for professionals like you with little to no experience in the field. By finishing the cloud computing course online and getting the certificate, you can take your professional life to the next level.