Temporary jobs in Singapore

jobs in Singapore

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the revenues of some companies in Singapore has reduced to a great extent. Hence, they have dismissed their employees. These employees are looking for new jobs to pay for their daily expenses. Students who have completed their education are also looking for jobs in Singapore. While everyone wants a permanent job, due to the economic conditions in Singapore, many companies are not hiring permanent employees. So a person who wishes to earn some money to pay expenses and also to get some work experience should consider applying for temporary jobs.


While many companies are postponing hiring permanent employees, they still require workers to do the various tasks and meet customer requirements.Because of this, the companies are hiring temporary workers who they can easily dismiss if the business is facing financial problems. Although there are fewer permanent jobs available at present, there are more temporary jobs available. With some of the easy temporary jobs in Singapore available at present, sector wise demand and benefits of working in a non-permanent job are also discussed.

Types of jobs

While some of the jobs require high levels of expertise and training, in most companies there are many jobs which do not require highly skilled employees. These employees are doing menial or clerical tasks, for which they do not access confidential information. Hence temporary workers can be hired. There is other work that has to be done only for a shorter period of time like the installation of the IT network in a business or content creation for a new website. Hence, temporary workers can be hired for this work. The number of healthcare workers required will also vary depending on the severity of the pandemic .


There are some sectors like the financial, tech and retail sector which are not affected by the covid-19 pandemic. These companies will require clerical, technical and other staff. There has been an increase in the number of people working from home, and they require technical support if their hardware or software is not functioning properly. Similarly retail stores and other stores find that there are more walk-in customers during the festive season. They are interested in hiring temporary workers since they are aware that the number of orders will decrease after a few months.


Though most people would prefer to get a permanent job with more employee benefits, financially, it is often better to get a temporary job instead of remaining idle at home with no income. Though the worker may get paid for only a few months, the compensation rates for the temporary work is usually higher than a salaried job. For experience most companies do distinguish whether it was obtained doing a temporary job or permanent job. Additionally, the job will give the worker the opportunity to expand his professional network and to interact with more people who are aware of his or her skills. Often, companies are considering the temporary workers among the candidates if they wish to hire a permanent employee since they are already aware of the skills and work ethic of the person.